About Us

Beauty Techniques, located in the heart of West U/ Rice Village / Upper Kirby Area, is home to one of the most innovative Permanent Cosmetic Studio in Houston, Texas.  Specializing in Permanent Makeup and many Beauty Services to choose from as well as top notch Training. 

Owner/Master Technician/Esthetician/Perfectionist & “Beauty Guru” Linda DeLeon has made it her life’s work to help build the self-esteem of others through the aesthetic finishing touches.   Linda is simply the best in Houston, Texas and her work shows it!

Linda has perfected the art of permanent makeup through her 17 years of experience, she works her magic on clients that range in age, skin type and skin tone.  She’s best known for her Hair Stroke Eyebrow technique; she is able to create realistic brows by simulating real individual hair giving them the 3D Look. Linda also offers amazing Natural Powdered brows and Dark & Defined brows as well. At Beauty Techniques, you have several options to choose from giving you that perfect look. These techniques have served well with clients undergoing chemotherapy, those with hair loss or for those that just want a fuller look. 

Her work isn’t all brows, though……..she’s quite adept at working her magic on eyes and lips, too – ranging from quite natural to glam depending on her clients demand.  She does amazing Eyeliners, Lip Color, Beauty Marks, French Eyeliner and Mucosal Coloring…..the best part is you choose your own color. She also does Areola Restoration, Vitiligo Coloring, as well as Tattoo Removals.   But it doesn’t stop there, Linda also does beautiful Eyebrow Extensions, Eyelash Extensions, Eyelash Perm & Tint, Eyebrow Tint, and Full Service Waxing & Threading Bar.   Best of all, all services are performed by Linda DeLeon.

Beauty Techniques is Licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services!


Linda not only has a high volume of Customer Referrals; she has clients referred by local plastic surgeons who recognize her abilities and talent.   Linda also is bilingual, Spanish & English and Clients safety and comfort is her #1 goal, following OSHA standards of care with all procedures.

 Do your research and remember…………………

“Cheap work is never Good and Good work is never Cheap”

​Linda does Permanent Makeup –  All Day, Every Day!

If your are contemplating on getting Permanent Makeup?  Do your homework!!

How long has the technician been doing permanent makeup?    Linda has 17 years experience and she is also a Permanent Makeup Instructor.

Are Touch Up’s needed and how much are they?   It depends on your skin, some clients need a touch up to perfect the procedure, others need more. The good news is, once you become a Beauty Techniques’ Customer, you will never pay full price again, you will only be charged a “touch up” price.

Why are Linda’s prices cheaper or higher than other technicians?    Please……..don’t judge us by the price of the service.   Higher prices does not always mean that she’s really good.  Lower prices should not make you question her work.  Instead look at her experience, her reviews and her actual photo gallery of customers.

Is your Technician Licensed by the Health Department?  Linda has her license posted in the waiting area just as you walk in.

Do you know what certifications your technicians has?  Linda has all her certificates proudly displayed on the wall for you to see.

Were you able to talk to the Technician?  You want to be sure there is not a communication barrier.  Linda is always available to talk if she is not with a client.

Can permanent makeup being done from a person house?  NO!  They should have a business establishment.

Have you read  the reviews from Website, Yelp, Google, Yahoo, etc?  Read what people are saying about your technician.

Does your technician specialize in Permanent Makeup Up?  Make sure they specialize in permanent makeup and provide the service EVERYDAY on clients, not once or twice week.  At Beauty Techniques, Linda specializes in Permanent Makeup 6 days a week, Monday through Friday as well as some Saturdays. a week.