Permanent Eyebrows

Tired of drawing in your brows? If the answer is yes, then choose the brow you prefer and throw away your brow pencils forever!  Make the call now, Call Linda and schedule your next appointment.
Eyebrows frame the face and determine how facial features are viewed by others. Appropriately shaped eyebrows can give a more youthful appearance. When eyebrows are light in color, thin or non-existent, the application of permanent eyebrows can make the difference in both men and women. Choose from Microblading, 3D Hairstrokes, Ombre’ Brows, Combination Brows, Natural Powder Fill and Dark & Defined.  (to see the difference see photo gallery)
Regardless which eyebrows technique or style that you choose, they are all Tattoos.  The only difference is how deeply the pigment is implanted in the skin.  Any eyebrow done with a manual tool will not last as long as an eyebrow done with a digital machine.  We do not use Ink like traditional tattoos, we use pigments, which will fade in time.
Microblading   is the latest trend! It’s a new tattoo technique that draws small lines that look like real individual hairs. Microblading is done using a hand-held tool, not with a digital machine, to put pigment into the skin.  It does not go deep into the skin like 3D Hair Strokes as described below.  Microblading is semi-permanent; which means with time, it will fade, which is why customers will have to come back for retouch.
3D Hair Stroke Eyebrows are hand drawn lines using a digital pen creating one hair stroke at a time with a single needle, which looks identical to Microblading.  Hairstrokes done with a digital machine lasts longer than Microblading, usually 1 to 5 years depending on your skin type.
Ombre’ Eyebrows are have a soft powdered body, a sharp & defined lower line, a light diffused upperline and front, which creates the ultimate 3D brow shape and design.
Dark & Defined Eyebrows are for those that prefer their brows to be dark, defined overall a dramatic style.  This method could last longer, however keep in mind, it will look darker.
Powder Filled Eyebrows are feathered, shaded, powdered, more natural look by creating color under your natural hair. Bare sections can also be filled-in or bald spots from scars can be hidden with this procedure.   Please keep in mind, if you would like to keep it extremely light and natural looking – superficial applications are the answer.
Combination Eyebrows is great for those that want the more natural look near the front bridge of the nose yet a darker look on the body of the brows and towards the tail.  

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