Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent Eyeliner That Will Get You Noticed……..let your eyes say it all for you! Ease your morning routine, no more raccoon eyes during the day and no need to apply eyeliner again, look natural and look great 24/7.  With your choice of Eyeliner, Eyelash Enhancement or French Eyeliner, you can look beautiful 24/7 with freedom from eye makeup. Make your eyes “pop” with just a little or a lot of color.  It can be thin, subtle, thicker and bold, the choice is yours. 

Choose either an Eyelash Enhancement, an Eyeliner or French Eyeliner.

Eyelash Enhancement  is the application of pigment to the lash line which give she appearance of definite line or more subtle shadow in the lashes. This procedure can be for those that do not wear much makeup but still wants some definition to their eyes.

Upper or Lower Eyeliners  include a Lash Enhancement and can be thin, subtle, thicker and bold, the choice is yours.

French Eyeliner has become very popular. Choose any two colors for either a thin soft, subtle effect or a thick more dramatic look, either one of them will definitely enhance your eyes.

Tails/Wings  & Thick or Extra Thick Eyeliner optional and can be added and adjusted to fit your own personal liking.

Color choice(s) is yours. This procedure will definitely enhance your eyes and the best part is, you so many colors to choose from instead of just black.


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