Eyelash Extensions


Eyelash Extensions are ideal for anyone who would like to wake-up with thicker, longer, more defined lashes – no mascara or eyelash curler necessary. Perfect for special occasions, vacations, and everyday wear. Linda Deleon mixes lash extensions that vary in length, texture, and degree of curvature, to achieve your desired result.

At Beauty Techniques we use the 1st & Only US Patented Method for Multi-Layer Eyelash Extensions – application time 2 hours.  Plus we offer V-lash extensions, the lashes will be interlocked which results in longer time span between refills. Another benefit is there will be less time in the chair – application time is 30-45 minutes!!!

Utilizing hypoallergenic materials, a singular extension is attached lash by lash, allowing your own lashes to shed naturally (just as your hair does). As your lash sheds, so does the attached extension.

Come experience the difference!  (Please DO NOT wear mascara to your appointment)

(Since a person’s natural eyelash typically falls out every 60 to 90 days and is  replaced with a new eyelash, “eyelash fills” are recommended every 2-3 weeks to fill in the areas where new lashes are growing in)


Eyelash Extension Cost:

Your Every Day Look $115 (2 Hours)

LongMi Lashes: a full set with enough wink power to put the mascara away. A customized look with thicker, darker, longer, lashes, to give you a fresh, polished everyday look. Caution, we can’t be responsible for this addiction!


$45 – $65 (30 min to 45 min)  (you must have 50-60% of lashes to be considered a refills, otherwise you will pay for a Full Set) No Exceptions.

(Please DO NOT wear mascara to your appointment)


Eyelash Extension Removal

  • If you are a BT Customer and we provided lash service, FREE.
  • If you are not a BT Customer and had your lashes done elsewhere, you will be charged $40 for removal.