A Comprehensive Guide to Permanent Eyeliner

by | Apr 3, 2020 | Blog

A Comprehensive Guide to Permanent Eyeliner

Don’t you wish you had a shorter list of things to do when prepping for a day or night out? Getting your makeup done can be time-consuming and strenuous at times. Fortunately, the beauty industry knows this well enough, so they came up with low-maintenance makeup trends to provide a solution to your problems.

Tattoo eyeliner, microblading, and lash lifts are just a few of the beauty trends that have become increasingly popular and easily accessible over the years. This has resulted in more and more people looking fresh straight out of bed without putting in much effort.

Probably one of the most popular among the permanent makeup trends is permanent eyeliner. If you hate applying your eyeliner daily, or you just can’t nail that perfect winged eyeliner, you may find a solution in getting a permanent eyeliner.

What is Permanent Eyeliner?

Is permanent eyeliner really permanent? Technically speaking, all forms of permanent makeup are considered tattoo because they involve implanting color into your skin using a tiny needle. So, are they permanent? The short answer is no. While your permanent eyeliner won’t wash off along with the rest of your makeup when you cleanse your face at night, it will slowly fade after a year or two. So, the more appropriate term to use would be semi-permanent eyeliner.

You might be wondering why permanent eyeliner fades while tattoos last for several years. It’s because the color embedding in permanent eyeliner doesn’t go as deep into the skin as tattoos. With permanent eyeliners and other permanent makeup trends like microblading brows, only the surface layers are colored.

How is Eyeliner Tattooing Done?

First, your technician will clean the area using an antibacterial cleanser that won’t harm your eyes. Next, the technician will apply a numbing cream that will help ease your discomfort during the process. With a special tool, minute droplets of colored pigments are inserted between your lashes and into your skin. The procedure is sometimes done over several appointments to make that your skin is absorbing the colors well.

Can Permanent Eyeliners be Customized?

Eyeliner tattooing is a customized process, so not all permanent eyeliner look the same. Technicians use different techniques and tools to come up with a client’s desired look. The tattoo color can also be customized according to your preference, and you can get a tip from your technician to determine what shape and look will best suit your look. You can go for a high definition, a thick eyeliner, a tight line, or a powdery or shadow-like finish. However, when deciding which color to use on your skin, it’s still best to keep your eyeliner as simple and natural as possible. For those with a lighter complexion, we recommend going for brown instead of jet black. The knowledge and skill of the technician also play a significant role in achieving the perfect color you’re going for. Aside from knowing which color will blend best with your skin tone, technicians also know which molecules will last longer.

Can Permanent Eyeliners be Customized?

Is Getting Permanent Eyeliner Painful?

A tattoo on the eye may sound excruciatingly painful, but surprisingly, it doesn’t hurt as much as it seems, especially if you’re working with the right technician.

During the procedure, all you will feel is the vibration, thanks in part to the numbing cream applied before the tattooing process. There will be no bleeding or swelling. After the procedure, an eye ointment is applied to the area, and you can go on with your day. Aftercare requires avoiding wetting the area for about a week and avoid using makeup for a while.

How Long Does Permanent Eyeliner Last?

How Long Does Permanent Eyeliner Last?

All permanent makeup look best for about a year. If your eye can hold color better, your permanent eyeliner can last for about two to three years before you need to get a touch-up done. Once the pigment starts to fade, it will take on a soft gray color. If you want to keep the look, you can schedule a touch up about once a year.

The factors that affect how fast the color fades include your lifestyle, diet, skin care products you use, the medicines you take, and your exposure to the sun. Your technician can walk you through the aftercare to help you make your eyeliner last, but here are some of the things you have to avoid after getting a permanent eyeliner:

  • Wearing contact lenses
  • Hot shower
  • Eyelash curlers
  • Eye makeup
  • Facial cleansers
  • Chlorine pools
  • Terry Towels
  • Driving for long hours

What Are the Advantages of Getting Permanent Eyeliner?

Applying eyeliner can be tricky for many people. While you can buy eyeliner pencils to help you achieve the look you’re going for, it still requires time and skill to get right. When you get permanent eyeliner, you can spend less time on your makeup routine and get a few more minutes in bed or enjoying your morning coffee.

If you have shaky hands, poor eyesight, or physical disability, it can be challenging to apply your eyeliner every day. When you have permanent eyeliner, you won’t have to worry about struggling with makeup preps again. The same goes for those who have oily skin whose eyeliners tend to smudge throughout the day and need to touch up their makeup every few hours. Having permanent eyeliner can also disguise your sparse eyelashes for a longer time than your mascaras do.

How Do You Make Sure that Your Technician is Legit?

One of the essential factors in achieving your desired permanent eyeliner is the makeup artist or beauty technician you will hire. There may be good deals around, but remember that you are dealing with your eyes, and consequences can last for years.

So, when deciding which technician to hire, always check for references or recommendations, and samples of their work. Choose someone with adequate training, experience, and appropriate license. Make sure to do a preliminary consultation before deciding to go on with the procedure. Don’t feel obligated to go into the procedure when you find that the technician is not the right match for you.

Another critical factor is where the procedure will take place. It should be somewhere immaculately clean, so you don’t risk getting an infection. Ensure that they have an area designated for their operations/procedures and not just operating in the basement or a garage.

How Do You Make Sure that Your Technician is Legit?

Finally, you must hire someone that has the same style as you. If you look at the technician’s portfolio, but you don’t find his works appealing, turn your back and look for someone that matches with your vibe.

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