A Guide to Becoming a Permanent Makeup Artist

by | Nov 15, 2020 | Blog

A Guide to Becoming a Permanent Makeup Artist

Are you planning to pursue permanent makeup artistry as a profession? Well, you’ve come to the right place. The growing community of this lucrative field of work allows you to pursue your passion while maintaining your personal life.

A career in permanent cosmetics can be your path to being your own boss, working flexible hours, and getting paid a hefty amount. Permanent makeup is getting the limelight, but there are still only a few talented permanent makeup artists globally, so this may be the perfect investment you can give to yourself.

All you need to have is determination and dedication for a bright future ahead of you. But of course, certification is essential. The training and certificates will be your foundation for your career and help you garner clients as they trust you to make them look at what they want to be. In this article, we will give you insights on what you all need to know to begin with your career. This article will provide you with more information about permanent makeup and help you understand more about what it takes to be a permanent makeup artist.

What is Permanent Makeup?

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup, or permanent cosmetics or cosmetic tattooing, is a technique where pigments of color are inserted into the skin’s dermal layer to look like a person is wearing makeup. Permanent makeup artists usually perform this procedure on the eyes, lips, and eyebrows.

Using an electronic device such as a pen machine and needle, maneuvered by a skilled hand, the technician will infuse the pigments in the skin. The primary purpose of permanent cosmetics is to replicate a makeup look and make it permanent or technically speaking, semi-permanent. Permanent makeup won’t last for a lifetime. Depending on how you care for it, the makeup will last for several months to a few years. The pigments will still be there, but the color will eventually fade, which calls for another appointment with the permanent makeup artist.

Permanent makeup is for everyone, but the common market includes the people who wouldn’t want to be bothered by doing hours of makeup and only ending up removing it before going to bed. Permanent makeup also suits people who want to save time and money. Those who are suffering from skin discoloration because of disease or accident also opt for this technique to redeem their natural look.

When people age, it is normal to experience uneven pigmentation and paler skin, and permanent makeup is what aging people go to in order to feel like they go back to the age of their youth. Whoever your clients will be, I guarantee you it will be in abundance and diversity, and all they need is a person they can count on to get the best out of their natural beauty.

Why Start a Career in the Permanent Makeup Industry?

Why Start a Career in the Permanent Makeup Industry?
Though this profession calls no room for mistakes, it is rewarding as you can transform lives, give hope to people, and put a smile on their faces. This industry can provide you with a wide range of benefits. Below are only some of the benefits of starting a career in the permanent makeup industry.

1. Less Competition

Permanent makeup is very particular about what it offers. People who practice this can be considered by others to be in a highly specialized profession, and there are only a few people in this industry. In other words, there are fewer permanent makeup artists than hairstylists, makeup artists, and tattoo artists. Because of the small population of permanent makeup artists, you are in high-demand, so you can charge more for your services and still be competitive in the market.

2. Increasing Demand

Permanent makeup is becoming more popular than ever as influencers started adapting to it, allowing more people to discover the wonders of permanent makeup. The emergence of technology and more advanced techniques also makes it enticing to society.

It is safe to say that people are also getting smarter when it comes to investing in beauty enhancements. Instead of buying multiple cosmetic products to be used for a short time, they invest in lasting beauty treatments when they get permanent makeup.

3. Financial Gains

The makeup industry itself is already lucrative, so how much more so is the permanent makeup industry? It’s hard to tell how much exactly a person can earn in this industry for many reasons, including how much the artist rates per procedure and the number of clients a permanent makeup artist has per month, especially those who are self-employed.

But regardless, this industry will give you high income if you persevere. After your first session with a client, you have the promise for a touch-up appointment, and if you earn your client’s loyalty, you can secure another session after a couple of months.

4. Freedom

About 80% of permanent makeup artists are self-employed, meaning they work at their own pace. If you’ve always wanted to be self-employed, to have the freedom with your time and with your clients, a permanent makeup job is an excellent option for you. You can work anytime you want, and you can perform your services with anyone you want. You can dictate the number of clients you want to cater to, and you can even revamp your schedule. If you think being self-employed is not for you, you can also be an employee working at a beauty salon, medical institute, wellness center, tattoo shops, or spa.

Getting Into Business

Getting Into Business
All business starts small. It doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and hard work to grow your business. If you are thinking of getting into the permanent makeup business, it would take years to master the skill, be recognized, and establish a good reputation. It is up to you how you would turn your dreams into reality. However, remember to set realistic expectations.

Your experience and location play a significant role in how you can set your fees for your services. If you wish to start your own business, there will be other costs that you will be incurring. For creating your business, you will need business permits, facilities, machinery, furniture, and other unexpected expenses you might come across along your way. It is possible to generate an impressive income in the permanent makeup industry, but only if you thrive and are determined to make it work.

Essential Training

Essential Training

Getting certified is very important in the permanent makeup profession. Some states require training for you to have a license, while some do not. Regardless, we still encourage planning to venture into the permanent makeup profession to invest in training programs. Your certificates can speak for you and show prospective clients that they can trust you, you have the skills, and that you can give them the best services there is.

Being a permanent makeup artist also requires you to be dexterous. Through constant practice, you can achieve precise, steadier, faster, and cleaner movements that can improve overall customer satisfaction. At the same time, if you can do a procedure efficiently in a short time, you will have more time to attend to more clients. This can result in satisfied customers, repeat clients, and referrals, which can give you a higher income.

New methods, techniques, and tools are emerging time after time, and training can help you keep track of the trend. Not only will you be enhancing your skills, but you will gain more knowledge about permanent makeup through other professionals. With a career in permanent makeup, the sky is the limit. It will be a never-ending process of improving yourself, not just for the business, but also for your clients.

You can start your training by taking a general permanent makeup course, which usually covers the basic eyeliner, eyebrow, and lip procedures. Later on, you can proceed to more advanced training. You also have an option to start training in particular techniques like microblading, eyeliner training, or eyelash extensions training. Whichever you choose, it will take you one step closer to becoming a skilled permanent makeup artist.

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