An Inside Look Into the Process of Permanent Makeup

by | Nov 4, 2019 | Blog

We all want to look great. We want our brows to always be looking good, and we love having ever-glowing skin. Long and permed eyelashes would be great as well. For some, they have a lot of time and skills to make sure they look great, but it is not the same for everyone.

Here is the reality: there is not enough time in the world. It can be so hard to wake up earlier than usual to make sure we can fix our brows, for example, before going to work or to the mall. Some also find it hard to do it on their own. They end up getting frustrated and just let their eyebrows be.

However, we have an answer to that. If you are in Houston, and you are having these problems, they are just about to be taken away. Houston has Beauty Techniques by Linda DeLeon.

Beauty Techniques is the home to one of the most innovative Permanent Cosmetic Studio in Friendswood, Texas. From the brows to the eyes, to the lips, Beauty Techniques can you make you look and feel great, for a long, long time.

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is a process where pigments are tattooed into the dermal layer of the skin, as a form of alternative to your daily makeup routine.

How permanent is permanent?

Well, maybe it is safer to say that it is semi-permanent because it gradually fades. This varies among the people and the process used. Most permanent makeup services usually last 1 to 3 years.

The Procedure

An Inside Look Into the Process of Permanent Makeup

First appointment

During your first appointment, the consultation takes place. You and the beauty guru will talk about the services offered and talk about the expectations. At this point, the beauty guru or technician will also orient you with the pre and post-procedure instructions.

There are a lot of things you can do with the different services, and your beauty guru will help you determine the best aesthetic adjustments that can be done to your face.

Procedure appointment

Alas! The procedure usually takes place during the second appointment when there are no complications. It usually takes one to two hours.

Do not worry because we will assure your comfort as the procedure is ongoing. We will ensure the sanitation and sterilization of the process and materials involved.

Post Procedure

After the procedure, we will give you the essential aftercare instructions needed to be based on your chosen service that will allow for cleaner healing. The healing process usually takes up 4 to 6 weeks.

Is it painful?

This is one of the most common questions of people who are interested in getting a permanent makeup. Discomfort may be experienced depending on the procedure, but the pain is massively reduced by the use of anesthetics. There may be a tingling sensation, but usually, there is little to no experience of discomfort.

What is the scope of permanent make up?

Here at Linda DeLeon’s Beauty Techniques, we offer high-quality permanent cosmetics services from hair to eyes to lips up until the beauty marks.

Here is a list of our permanent make up services:

Aside from permanent makeup, we are also known for having the best microblading services in Houston!

Benefits of permanent makeup


Permanent makeup is like putting on makeup every day, but without the daily hustle and bustle to make sure that it’s perfect. Permanent makeup is perfect for those who have busy schedules and have long commutes. With permanent makeup, you can finally say, “I woke up like this.”

Professionals to handle your microblading

Stress-free zone

When your left brow does not match with your right eyebrow, it can definitely stress you out. Permanent makeup is especially helpful for those with visual impairment or have trembling hands. Permanent makeup removes that stress in your life. The moment you wake up, you can immediately say, “Eyebrows on fleek!”


You would not need to look at your mirror or your front camera every minute to check how you look. Getting permanent makeup will leave you feeling confident about yourself every minute of the day.


Sure, if you look at it, you may think that permanent make up is more expensive than the usual waxing and threading. Think long term! Look at the money you can save from having your monthly or even bi-monthly visit at a brow salon.

Entrust your look to a professional

The permanent cosmetic industry has been growing over the past 10 years. A lot of studios already offer the same service but remember, this is your face. Choose a professional who can handle the look that you want to achieve. Choose someone who has already perfected the art of aesthetic finishing touches. Choose Linda DeLeon.

Linda DeLeon has spent her last 18 years perfecting the art of permanent cosmetics. Dozens and hundreds have already come to her and her studio because Linda is simply the best. She is continuously upgrading her certifications to ensure that you are entrusting your look to a professional.

Professionals to handle your microblading

What is the next step?

The next step is as easy as counting 1, 2, 3! You can call (832) 645-4595, you can email [email protected], or you can visit and book an appointment now.

We know you have been trying to achieve those gradient eyebrows, or that natural red lips. That is a dream that is going to be a reality. That is only if you book an appointment with Beauty Techniques.