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Permanent Lips

Permanent Lips means no more lipstick! We all want beautiful and full rosy lips, few women are so lucky. Redefinition of an irregular lip line can be accomplished with a permanent lip liner procedure or full permanent lip color procedure for permanently beautiful lips 24/7 without lipstick. With permanent lip color and/or lip liner, you can always enhance or change your permanent lips color with lipstick if desired, but you can feel confident that your enhanced lips will look great all the time. you can choose from Lip Liner, Color Blend or Full Lip Color.

Your choices explained:

Lip Liner

Lip liner will improve both your lips and your shape by giving you the appearance of more full, sensual lips. No more lipstick bleeding or reapplying lip liner throughout the day.

Color Blend

is more than a Lipliner but less than a Full Lip Color. The lip line is not as defined yet color is not added to the entire lip but instead feathered from the lipliner down into the lip.

Full Lip Color

will give you a look of fullness all day, everyday. No need to re-apply lipstick anymore, just gloss if you choose! You get to choose any color you want, bring your preferred lip liner or lipstick and I will match it.

Now you can wake up with lipliner, color blend or lip color everyday! After reading this are you still worried that it will hurt??? Worry no more! I have special formulated topical anesthetic that helps with pain, you virtually feel nothing!

If you are prone to fever blisters, you will need to observe a one week regimen of medication prior to having permanent makeup procedures on their lips. (L-Lysine, Abreva, Viroxyn, Valtrex, etc.) Using the medication after the procedure is also highly recommended.

If you are interested in permanent lips, please call for prices

Average Procedure Duration:

  • Lipliner – 1 hours
  • Color Blend – 1.5 hours
  • Full Lip – 2 hours
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