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Questions to ask yourself and the Technician

FAQs for the technician of your choice:

How long has the technician been doing permanent makeup?

Linda has 23 years experience and she is also a Permanent Makeup Trainer.

Are Touch Up’s needed and how much are they?

I will say, Microblading and/or Permanent Makeup is addicting! But honestly, it depends on your skin, some clients need a “touch up” or “perfecting session” to add more to the procedure. The good news is, once you become a Beauty Techniques’ Customer, you will never pay full price again, you will only be charged a “touch up” price.

Why are Linda’s prices cheaper or higher than other technicians?

Please……..don’t judge us by the price of the service. Higher prices does not always mean that she’s really good. Lower prices should not make you question her work. Instead look at her experience, her reviews and her actual photo gallery of customers.

How much are Touch Ups or Perfecting Sessions?

Please do your homework and compare our prices to other technicians. Some technicians say you get a FREE touch up, however the price has already been included in the price of the first session. Some technicians are cheaper up front but their touch up prices cost a lot more. Do the math and calculate the upfront cost as well as the touch up price to see the final price. At Beauty Techniques we charge for only what you need. If you do not need a touch up, then you pay nothing. If you need a touch up, then you pay according to how long it's been since you were last seen. Prices are listed on our booking site.

Is your Technician Licensed by the Health Department?

Linda is dual licensed and the license is posted in the waiting area just as you walk in. All Licenses should be posted so the client can see it. Please check the expiration date as well as location address on the actual license.

Do you know what certifications your technicians has?

Linda has all her certificates proudly displayed on the wall for you to see. We only train with the best and our work shows it.

Were you able to talk to the Technician?

You want to be sure there is not a communication barrier. Linda is always available to talk if she is not with a client. Please feel free to ask for her personally. Linda speaks english and spanish.

Can permanent makeup be done from a person house?

NO! They should have a business establishment.

Have you read the reviews from your technician's Website, Yelp, Google, Yahoo, etc?

Read what people are saying about your technician. Click on here to see our reviews on our website. Click here our link at the bottom of our website to see our reviews on social media and google.

Does your technician specialize in Permanent Makeup Up?

Make sure they specialize in permanent makeup and provide the service EVERY DAY on clients, not once or twice week. At Beauty Techniques, we specialize in Permanent Makeup 7 days a week!

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