It is a common fact that there are some people who simply do not require any cosmetic surgery. However, many people choose to undergo different cosmetic procedures to boost their self-confidence and help make them feel comfortable in their skin. While invasive procedures such as rhinoplasties and breast augmentations are popular, there are also minimally invasive treatments, such as microblading. Microblading has quickly gained popularity as a means to thicken brows semi-permanently. Recently, microblading has been used as a way of combatting hair loss.

This procedure is similar to how good stylists use haircuts and other hair makeovers that are a good fit for your face shape to boost your overall appearance. In fact, this hair-framing concept is quite popular in South Korea.

Hairline microblading is considered a new technique for contouring the face, or at least a portion of it. It is smudge-proof and looks natural. Keep reading to know more about the hairline microblading process and what experts have to say about this.

What Is Hairline Microblading?

You have likely already heard about eyebrow microblading. Microblading is a process used for masking thin hair. Most aestheticians will make sure that the lines blend in well with the natural hair. Hairline microblading is a tattooing process where a thin blade is used to apply a semi-permanent pigment onto the skin so you can achieve a fuller, thicker hairline.

According to master therapist Michelle Wu, it is a transformative process where strokes on the hairline are created. Since it closely resembles hair strands, it looks more natural and realistic and lends more visual “volume.”

This is perfect for women and men who think that they have big foreheads. This technique is also great for people who do not like their hairline and the way it frames their face. If you want to have fuller hair or want to hide scars and alopecia, hairline microblading is for you. Since hairline microblading can help frame your face, you do not have to contour it with makeup. A good microblade can provide you with the most flattering hairline for your face shape. When done properly, your hairline will look absolutely natural.

How Does It Work?

Incisions are made with hair-like strokes, and pigments are inserted into the dermis. Sometimes a consultation with an aesthetician is needed before undergoing the treatment. Things to be discussed include the placement and the matching of your hair color with the appropriate pigment. Typically for women, microblading treatment is applied on the front hairline, the temples, and the part of the hair. For men, microblading is usually placed on the crown of their heads and their temples, while others opt for overall coverage. Hairline microblading is also a common treatment for receding hairlines.

What Are the Benefits of Hairline Microblading?

Hairline microblading makes your hair look thicker and more natural, battling receding hairlines., and reducing the occurrence of scalp micropigmentation. Like eyebrow microblading , hairline microblading can create the illusion of having thicker hair. Due to the precise nature of this process, it can also give you a very defined hairline and a natural look. Compared to other procedures, this technique is more cost-effective.

Hair Transplants vs. Hairline Microblading

For some years now, people who wanted to correct their receding hairline did not have a lot of options aside from hair transplants or hair plugs. While hairline microblading can definitely transform the look of your hairline, it does not require adding actual volume to the hair since this process is practically the same as the application of a tattoo. This procedure is less intensive and much easier. At the same time, it does not cost as much compared to hair transplants. Usually, hairline microblading goes for less than $1,000 per treatment. On the other hand, the cost of hair transplants can go up to $15,000.

How to Prepare Yourself for Hairline Microblading Treatment

One of the greatest advantages of this treatment is that it does not require too much on your end. In fact, there is no preparation needed. Once you have settled in, just sit still for some time. The duration of the treatment will vary depending on the particular area covered. The treatment can take up to one to two hours. You won’t feel any discomfort since the area will be numb before the treatment.

What Can You Expect from Hairline Microblading?

According to experts, the process very similar to eyebrow microblading. A thin blade is used for creating tattoos one strand at a time directly into the hairline. On the part of the scalp and the middle area of the head, inks that are compatible with the scalp are used. However, for the hairline, the ink used is the same one that professionals use for eyebrow microblading.

What Are the Side Effects of Hairline Microblading?

While it sounds too good to be true, keep in mind that this procedure does have some side effects. First of all, you may not like how the process feels on your scalp, and if you do not choose a good artist, it may not look natural at all. Additionally, there is little chance that the ink could stay permanent.

Like the ink used for microblading the brows, the ink used for hairline microblading will fade away over time. It could last for at least two years, on average. This is actually good news since it will not stay permanent. When it starts to fade, it will become a blue inky color that does not look natural. However, its color will lighten and will fade away entirely. This means that if you don’t like it, then you do not have to worry since the effects of this will not last forever.

Aftercare For Hairline Microblading

Aftercare is quite simple and the process of this is similar to tattoo aftercare. According to Dr. Jeffrey S. Fromowitz, the area could turn red and slightly inflamed, as well as experience some crusting. He recommends that you should take it a little slow for a couple of days and avoid going to places that might infect it. If you want to go outside, apply sunscreen on your scalp.

To keep your hairline microblading in top shape after it is applied, avoid swimming, exposing yourself to direct sunlight, picking at the area, as well as avoid using makeup and other skincare products around the area for about a period of ten days. To make sure that it is properly healed and the color is well retained, avoid washing your hair for at least one week after the treatment. After this period is over, you don’t need any additional care.

It is also highly recommended that sweating or intense exercise should be avoided for a period of five to ten days after the treatment. Aside from this, there is no other downtime needed.

Things to Consider for Hair Microblading

If you have allergies, then it is important that you have to discuss them with your aesthetician and ask them what type of color will be used. While it is still possible for you to undergo the treatment, you may want to talk to your dermatologist before undergoing the procedure.

Hair microblading is also not recommended in certain situations. Keep in mind that the aim of aestheticians is to apply tattooed lines with your existing hair. If your hair is too sparse, then microblading may not be appropriate. Tattooing can replicate hair strands and it will not blend in well if there is no real hair in the area. If you are unsure about this, then it’s best to talk to an aesthetician to determine if you are a good candidate for hair microblading. Keep in mind that dermatologists will not perform this procedure.

It is also important to remember that microblading treatments will not help you grow new hair, compared to other treatments for baldness. Aestheticians can help in replicating hair in bald areas but take note that this is not the same as a hair transplant. While hair microblading is a type of tattoo, it is important to consider that it is not a permanent solution. There is some maintenance involved.

How Long Can It Last?

While most experts say that hair microblading can last up to a year, it varies from person to person. The pigment is embedded into the skin, just like a tattoo. However, unlike other tattoo areas, you can quickly lose skin on your scalp due to day-to-day activities, such as washing your hair. Microblading does not last long on oily skin, and frequent hair washing can remove the pigment from your skin. Sun exposure can also cause the color to fade quickly.

Sometimes it takes more than one session to obtain the desired result for your hair microblading. Most salons will require you to come back after your initial treatment to ensure that you achieve the look you had in mind. Also, if you want to cover a large portion of your scalp with this treatment, you will have to return for several sessions.

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