Everything You Need To Know About Professional Eyelash Extension Services

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Permanent makeup has risen in popularity in the past couple of years because a lot of individuals prefer having it because of the benefits that it offers and one of them is convenience. At Beauty Techniques Institute of Permanent Cosmetics, we offer individualized, one-on-one, and hands-on training.

In this article, we will be teaching everything you need to know about eyelash extensions and what this means as a service, especially if you’re interested in offering this as a service for your own business. If you are interested in training to become an expert technician for eyelash extensions and want to know more information on how it is done, we encourage you to continue reading below to find out.

Everything You Need To Know About Professional Eyelash Extension Services

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent eyelashes that are attached to your natural lashes with the help of semi-permanent glue. It is one of the makeup services offered by Beauty Techniques. There are 3 types of eyelash extensions which are mink, silk, and synthetic.

Eyelash extensions are usually put in by a technician in a salon wherein the lashes are placed expertly using tweezers and a special formulation of semi-permanent glue. The procedure can last around two hours and the eyes must be kept closed during the procedure so that it will be placed correctly. Eyelash extensions will usually last for up to 3-4 weeks and will fall off together with the natural lashes when they shed off. Eyelash extensions are glued individually so that they can be customized and will look more natural.

How to Choose the Type of Eyelash Extensions

If it is your first time to have an eyelash extension, you must understand that there are different types and it will depend on how your lashes are naturally. Synthetic lashes were the first types used, but they found that this can cause damage because they are heavy; however, if you have thick and coarse hair, this could be a good option for you.

For those who have finer hair, silk lashes are preferred because it is the lighter type. Mink lashes can also be used as this can be used by people of all hair types, and it creates a more natural effect when it is applied correctly. If you have thick lashes, mink lashes are the best choice for you, and it will make your lashes look fluffier and softer. Individuals who have fine lashes can use mink eyelashes because it will give them a more natural eyelash look. However, keep in mind that mink lashes will cost more compared to the other two options.

How to Choose Eyelash Fullness and Length

Eyelash extensions come in various fullness and length. Do you know which one will look great for your lashes? For individuals who have long eyelashes, you must go for fullness rather than length. Long lashes may look good during the first week, but they tend to become heavier and start sagging after the first week of application.

For those who have medium length eyelashes, we recommend going for a combination of length and fullness. For individuals who have fewer and finer eyelashes, it is best to go for medium fullness as they will become heavier and it can be difficult to deal with, especially if you are not used to it.

How to Choose Eyelash Fullness and Length

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

Eyelash extensions usually last for approximately four to six weeks. It may depend on the rate of growth of your eyelashes. You can go for touch-ups after three weeks if you need to have them fixed. It will also depend on how well you take care of them, so when you choose to have an eyelash extension, you should do your best to maintain them so that these can last longer.

How to Properly Care for Eyelash Extensions

Caring for eyelash extensions is a priority if you want these to last for a long time. It will usually depend on the type of adhesive used; some will require the use of oil to maintain it. Some adhesives do not use oil so the extensions tend to become dry. To prevent it from drying out, you should brush and separate the eyelashes using a lash comb once they become wet. If the lashes become dry, they will stick together.

The adhesives are semi-permanent, so they tend to break down after a few weeks so when one lash sheds off, it can pull some along with it and it may leave a gap in your eyelash.

Can Eyelash Extensions Cause Harm to Your Natural Eyelashes?

When eyelash extensions are not correctly applied, they can harm your natural eyelashes. That is why you should only trust a reliable technician like Beauty Techniques to handle the eyelash extensions for you. If the eyelash extension is not applied properly, it can cause the lashes to clump and stick together and it can pull out your natural lashes when they shed off. We highly recommend that you rest your eyelashes for at least two to three months after a year of wearing extensions to prevent damage to your lashes.

Your eyelashes need time to rest and grow naturally. Those who have eyelash extensions applied constantly risk stunting the growth of their eyelashes and can cause them to thin and wear out. Eyelash extensions must be given proper care so that it will not cause long-term damage to your natural lashes.

Can Eyelash Extensions Cause Harm to Your Natural Eyelashes?

When searching for a salon or shop that offers eyelash extensions, here are some of the things that you must consider:

1. Learn the background of the salon – You can check how long they have been in the industry by taking a look at their client reviews. Don’t forget to look for before and after photos of the clients that have availed of their services.

2. Ask about the experience and skills of the technician – Before you decide to avail of a salon or shop’s services, you should ask for the training, experience, and certification of the technicians. The application of eyelash extensions require plenty of expertise and skill to do properly, so you’re going to want to secure the services of a trained professional to make sure that the entire process is handled smoothly with no mistakes.

3. Check the glue and other ingredients used in the eyelash extensions procedure – You can ask for a list of the ingredients used and also take the time to make sure that it is safe for use. You can also request to have a spot test done on your wrist to see if there will be a reaction before it is applied to your eyelashes.

If an allergic reaction occurs when the extensions are attached, do not try removing it on your own as it can also affect or damage your eyes. Consult a doctor on how to treat it. Do not treat it on your own as symptoms may worsen, you must consult an ophthalmologist as soon as possible.

Here are the things you must do before and after the eyelash extension procedure:


1. Search for a salon or shop that has a reliable reputation with permanent makeup services.

2. Ask for the products and ingredients used during the procedure. Check the label of the products so that you can check if any chemicals are present which can cause you to have an allergic reaction. The glue must be pharmaceutical grade so that it will be safe to use in your eyelashes, as other ingredients can cause a reaction and affect your eyes, which can be very dangerous.

3. The eyelashes extensions are mink, silk, or synthetic. Soft and lighter eyelashes like mink are sometimes preferred as it is not heavy and will be gentle on your hair follicles.

4. Ask for a fan that will prevent the fumes from affecting your eyes during the procedure as most of the time the eyelash extensions are “cured” with isopropyl alcohol after the procedure. Sometimes, the eyes are rinsed out so that there will be no adhesive or glue that will remain on the eyelashes.

5. Ask for an allergy test before the procedure begins. Allergies may not be that common, but it is better to stay on the safe side.

Check the glue and other ingredients used in the eyelash extensions procedure


1. After the procedure you must carry out all the aftercare instructions given by the technician. If you are planning to use mascara or go swimming, make it a point to ask if you are allowed to do so that you don’t accidentally damage your lashes.

2. You must maintain and care for your eyelashes so that it will last longer. Make sure to do all the aftercare instructions so you can avoid damage to your natural eyelashes.

3. Consult and visit an ophthalmologist immediately if you are experiencing any discomfort or irritation in your eyes.

Consult and visit an ophthalmologist

The application of eyelash extensions is a delicate procedure and must be done by an expert, so if you want to become one of the experts and skilled technicians you must only trust a shop or salon that offers one-on-one and hands-on training classes, like the Beauty Techniques Institute of Permanent Cosmetics. If you want to know more information regarding the training that we offer, you can visit this link here. Here are some of our graduates’ testimonials. You can fill-up this contact form to contact us.

If you sign with us for training we will provide you a student kit that includes the necessary tools that you will need to practice and use to start up your business. After the training ends, certification will be provided and you can further contact us for any product orders or training support.

Are you curious about how eyelash extensions are done by technicians? If you are based in Houston, Texas, and want to avail permanent cosmetics training for eyelash extensions, Beauty Techniques Institute of Permanent Cosmetics is a must for you to check out.

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