Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting

by | Oct 9, 2013 | Beauty Services

Eyelashes and Eyebrow tinting simply look better and it is an excellent complement to lash perming plus can often be done during the same sitting!

The lashes appear clearly longer and darker, as the tinting accentuates the full length of the lashes. Women with multi-colored, blonde, red, or various brown shades of lashes opt for lash tinting. Creates the look of wearing mascara without the mess – and of course it’s waterproof!
Light brows can be accentuated by a dark shade and it is excellent for those who have very light, thinning or graying eyebrows. It is a procedure that permanently tints for up to 6 weeks.  If you are tired of using eyebrow pencil to define your brows, then you should try eyebrow tinting.


$35.00 – Eyelash Tinting (25 min)
$30.00 – Eyebrow Tinting (does not include brow shaping) (15-30 min)
$50.00 – HD Brows (includes Eyebrow Tinting, Threading/Waxing and tweezing to perfect the brow shape) (45 min)
$105.00 – Eyelash Perm & Eyelash Tinting (1.5 hours)
Eyelashes and Eyebrow tinting