Beginning Your Search

If you’re new to permanent makeup, beginning your search for the best permanent makeup salon can feel overwhelming. You may not have an idea of which qualifications to look for. In this article, we will give you a guide on what questions to ask the permanent makeup artist you’re considering when you want to get Microblading, Eyeliner Tattoo, and Lip Blushing in Houston, Texas. Here are the top 4 questions you should ask your permanent makeup artist:

4 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your Permanent Makeup Artist:

Can I see your portfolio?

Ask to see photos of your artist’s previous work or anything that can prove their skills. The make-up artist’s portfolio will show you whether the artist’s talent and style suit your preference. Ask for photos of clients that have the same hair color or skin type as you do. These photos will prove the artist’s expertise, especially when it comes to choosing the right pigment for their clients. Pigments are the colors used by permanent makeup artists. The same pigment will look very different on two clients with different skin tones and skin types.

Choosing a pigment is not an easy task, and your artist should be well-versed with their colors. Professional permanent makeup artists keep a portfolio of people of all ages, ethnicities, and natural hair colors to show their future clients. After seeing your artist’s portfolio, you should feel confident about their skills because you know exactly what they can deliver.

Where did you get your training?

In most countries, it’s easy for someone to start working as a permanent makeup artist. Some salons do not even have

formal training or experience in the field. This is scary because even though they may know how to handle permanent makeup products and tools safely, they may not have the proper training as artists. Your safety is a priority when getting your permanent makeup done. Avoid regretting having a permanent makeup procedure done by making sure that your artist is professionally trained to do the job.

As we mentioned above, choosing pigment colors is not an easy task. It’s a skill that artists can learn through additional training. That’s why permanent makeup training academies teach color selection to their students before they can start working on real clients. Sadly, not all permanent makeup artists undergo proper training because of the cost and the time and just go straight to working on clients so they can make money right away.

Politely ask your artist where they were trained and when they took their last course. Permanent makeup is a dynamic field, and an artist must be trained to keep up with the latest trends.

Do you have client reviews?

Another thing to consider when choosing a permanent makeup artist in Houston, Texas, is the testimonials or reviews of their previous clients. What do they have to say about your artist? Do they recommend them? Word of mouth is very helpful when choosing the best permanent makeup artist in Houston, Texas. Professional artists who have worked in the permanent makeup industry for long enough should have good reviews to prove it.

Will you provide all my aftercare supplies?

The aftercare depends on your artist’s preference, so it’s a good idea to ask what they will require of you after the procedure. They should have a healing plan and aftercare kit ready for you. The kit should come with full instructions, a guide on what to expect during the healing period, and any pads, cleansers, creams, or gels that you can use.

If your permanent makeup artist doesn’t provide a complete aftercare kit for you, ask them for a list of the things you will need so you can purchase them.

Finding Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo in Houston, Texas

Using stencils for eyebrow tattoos isn’t wrong, but it makes you more prone to getting cookie-cutter eyebrows. The cookie-cuter eyebrow is a term used in the makeup industry to refer to the similar shape of eyebrows that a permanent makeup artist does on all their clients.

Unfortunately, the cookie-cutter eyebrow has become a huge trend amongst artists who are just beginning, and only do what they like or what is popular. Cookie-cutter brow artists give all their clients a similar, and very specific shape and size of eyebrows. This is not how you do permanent eyebrow makeup because people have different facial sizes, structures, and brow shapes.

Be mindful of this when searching for the best permanent eyebrow tattoo artist in Houston, Texas. If an artist’s portfolio shows that every single client has the same shape of eyebrows, then it is likely that you will also get the same eyebrow shape. We strongly recommend searching for an artist who will adjust by evaluating your facial features, natural hair growth, and what you want and need in the long term.

Finding Eyeliner Tattoo in Houston, Texas

When searching for a permanent eyeliner tattoo artist in Houston, Texas, you’ll often see before and after photos taken from a slanted angle. It’s easy to take a photo of only one side of freshly done eyeliner and post it with a filter. The angle and filter can hide the imperfections of the work. However, it’s easy to spot unevenness or imperfections of eyeliner tattoos in a photo showing both eyes side by side at an even angle, and without the use of filters. This is what you should be searching for.

Make sure that the photos you see show you both sides of the eyeliner. Check that they are exactly even and the wings are not drooping along the outsides of the eyes. Drooping eyeliner wings can make you look older.

Finding Lip Blushing in Houston, Texas

Lip Blushing and Permanent Lip Color Tattoo are quite complicated procedures. These types of permanent makeup procedures are known to have healing issues when it comes to color, especially when done by new artists. When searching for lip blushing or lip color tattoo in Houston Texas, look for photos of healed lips instead of photos taken immediately after the procedure. If you notice any topical swelling, redness, or color of the client’s lips on the photo, the photo was likely taken immediately after the procedure was done, and therefore does not show the true result. This is why you must see healed lip blushing photos before you book your permanent makeup artist.

Permanent Makeup in Houston, Texas

At Beauty Techniques, our permanent makeup artists are professionally trained to do permanent makeup procedures including eyebrow tattoo, eyeliner tattoo, and lip blushing. We are licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services and the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. If you’re looking for the best permanent makeup artists in Houston, Texas, visit us today at 2990 Richmond Avenue, Suite 480 Houston TX 77098. Contact us now to book an appointment!