How to Look and Feel Better

by | Aug 16, 2020 | Blog

How to Look and Feel Better
Have you ever stopped and get shocked as you stare at your reflection in a store window? Perhaps you have not realized that your face looks so rigid and your hair is gray. Even if we want to focus on our inner qualities sometimes it’s hard to ignore our looks.

There are even some people who will go as far as using their appearance as the basis of their self-esteem. According to psychologists, people who base their self-worth on their appearance would do anything just to maintain what they believe is an attractive look. In our society where appearances are given more importance, your feelings about your looks can easily overtake your self-esteem.

Women, in particular, are more vulnerable to base their self-worth on their appearance. Perhaps this is because of the media’s focus on women’s bodies and faces. These women will go out of their way just to look great, so they can feel competent.

Does Your Self-Worth Depend on Your Appearance?

Does Your Self-Worth Depend on Your Appearance?
Aside from your self-worth which is dependent on your appearance, your self-esteem will also depend on your appearance. This is the feeling wherein you feel satisfied with the way you look. If your self-worth for your appearance is high, then eventually your self-esteem will be greatly influenced by the way you feel about your looks. On the other hand, if you feel absolutely content about your looks, then perhaps it will not affect the way you feel about yourself.

One of the greatest challenges for women’s appearance is aging. This is because, for every passing year, the media would emphasize that women’s beauty is fading away. However, in Shakespeare’s play, it seems that Cleopatra may have evaded this fate. However, for the rest of the women, it seems that their beauty will just fade away as they age. This is based on the current representation made by the media on aging women.

Unfortunately, women whose self-worth is highly dependent on appearance will feel more vulnerable to the effects of aging. This especially true since our society believes that youth Is comparable to attractiveness.

If your sense of identity is developed in a society that puts more focus on beauty particularly in women, then these beliefs can greatly affect your overall development. Plenty of women can even develop disordered eating because of their efforts to try to satisfy the ideals of society.

Are You Conscious About the Way You Look?

Based on the study conducted by Noser and Zeigler-Hill, women who feel very conscious about the way they look will most likely suffer the adverse effects on self-esteem due to the fact that they define themselves based on the way they look.

But what if your concept of beauty is not media-defined? Obviously, it is hard to change society’s definition of beauty. However, you can change your own beliefs. Do not put too much attention to the beauty that you see in advertisements.

Your self-esteem should not be dependent on your outer qualities but rather on your inner qualities. Focus more on what you like about yourself, your talent, relationships, skills, and most of all, your viewpoint on the world.

How to Look More Attractive

How to Look More Attractive

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the definition of attractive is pleasing in appearance or possessing qualities that can stimulate interest. However, aside from improving your ability to stimulate more interest from individuals whom you meet in your everyday life, it can also improve your self-confidence. Feeling attractive can provide you with more energy, enhance your relationships, and provide a positive impact on your life.

There are a lot of ways that women can look more attractive. There are simple ways that require little or no effort at all. For instance, you can simply smile or practice good posture. Wear clothes that emphasize the best features of your body. When wearing makeup, be sure to use the colors that can look good on you. These are just simple things that any woman can do.

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