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Microblading 3D Hairstrokes by our Master Technician Linda DeLeonLinda DeLeon uses a combination of techniques to achieve to most Natural look; here she used a powder fill and 3D hairstroke technique.Before and After of 3D Hairstrokes. With 15 years of experience, Linda has perfected the art of 3D Hairstrokes. 3D Hairstrokes simulate real hair. 3D Hairstrokes From Powder Fill to Hairstrokes.3D Hairstrokes Combination of Techniques 3D HairstrokesHairstroke EyebrowsTired of drawn on brows? Are you ready for a more natural look? Then make an appointment with Linda..... and the best part is it's complementary. Below you will find a customer that her brows done years ago and now wants a more natural look, plus slightly thicker brows. She loved it!This customer had her brows done years ago and they turned pink. We added hairstrokes to give it a new look!You are seeing a Natural Fill with Upper & Lower EyelinerThis customer has little to no hair (except the front part), we added hairstsrokes. We minimized the blue/grey brows and added Hairstrokes to look more natural.This customer started with no eyebrows (top picture) left with beautiful 3D hairstoke eyebrows (middle picture) and come back with healed eyebrows (bottom picture) to get her upper and lower eyeliner done!! Let Linda's expertise do the same for you!!