Going through hair loss and thinning hair can be a worrisome phase for men and women. Many solutions address these problems, including lifestyle changes, medications, herbal supplements, lasers, and transplants. But most of these approaches take time before you see actual results.  In 2008, Scalp Micropigmentation was introduced as another method to help people with receding hairlines, balding patches, and thinning hair.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp Micropigmentation or SMP is a cosmetic tattoo procedure using detailed microneedles to deposit pigment into the epidermal layer of the scalp. Doing so replicates the appearance of new hair follicles, thereby adding density and creating an illusion of fuller hair.

It is also called Tattoo for Baldness or Hair Microblading.  If you are familiar with Microblading for the brows, you might be asking, what’s the difference?

Both fall under the category of micro-pigmentation. However, practitioners use different methods of implanting pigments. Microblading is typically done utilizing a manual blade. Micropigmentation necessitates an electric tattoo device. The skin on the scalp is thicker than that of the eyebrows, hence, the need for a more powerful tool.

Who is a good candidate for SMP?

Anyone who experiences different types of hair loss can be a candidate for Scalp Micropigmentation. You can be:

  • Diagnosed with Alopecia
  • Experiencing thinning hair
  • A cancer patient
  • Either male or female with pattern baldness
  • With bald patches
  • Bothered with a scar on your scalp
  • Done with hair transplant, but it failed
  • Done with hair transplant but want to add density

On the other hand, some people may not be recommended for SMP if they are:

  • Prone to develop keloids
  • Allergic to pigments used

How is Scalp Micropigmentation performed?

The treatment is done by a trained and licensed specialist. They are highly experienced tattooists or micropigmentation providers with knowledge and an innate artistic passion for carrying out the procedure. They will fully customize your treatment with your hairline and style preferences. Also, they will choose the right shade of pigment to perfectly match your complexion.

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SMP is the process of layering the pigments on your scalp. This will depend on the amount of scalp to be treated. You might need several treatment sessions to complete the procedure. Once you’re set, keep the following guidelines in mind.

Before starting treatment:

Take a shower before each treatment. You will be advised not to do so days after your session. It is ideal not to wash or wet your scalp four days after your appointment. This includes exercising and sweating excessively.

If you have scalp acne or other skin concerns like rashes and psoriasis, reschedule your appointment. Applying pigment to your inflamed skin during a breakout or a flare-up will be challenging. 

Because the method is done by tattooing, bear in mind that there might be a little discomfort. How much it is going to be painful depends on your tolerance. To lessen your distress, your micropigmentation technician will apply a topical numbing agent on your scalp just before the procedure starts.

In-between the treatments:

Each treatment will take three to five hours, depending on how small or large part of your scalp is treated. Sessions will be scheduled a few weeks apart.

In the weeks between your treatment sessions, it is inadvisable to go swimming and bathing in hot showers, sauna, and steam rooms. Also, avoid exposure to the sun, especially for the first four days. This ensures better long-term retention of the pigment. Wearing a hat is okay.

After four days of each treatment, include a gentle moisturizer for your scalp in your routine.

After the final treatment:

For at least 28 days after your last session, swimming, sauna, and steam rooms must be avoided. You can go back to your regular workout five days after your final appointment. However, the sun is still to be avoided for a month.  Aside from the moisturizer, you can start applying sunscreen with an SPF of 30 to 50.

Scalp Micropigmentation is considered to be semi-permanent. This means that the pigment will last for six to eight years, but it will fade over time. If you have dry skin, fading is likely to happen faster. Therefore, touch-ups are necessary every four to six years.

What are the benefits of SMP?

Immediate outcome:  Unlike other hair loss solutions where you typically play the waiting game for results, SMP involves a quick procedure and a brief healing period.  There are actually no wounds to heal or stitches to clean.  Plus, you will see visible effects after your first appointment.

  • Long-term results:  As mentioned before, SMP results can last up to eight years.  As pigment begins to fade, there is no need for a repeat procedure. You will only need “touch-ups” to restore the faded color. 
  • Minimal maintenance:  After your final treatment, you are neither required to undergo maintenance procedures nor purchase expensive shampoos. Since there is no hair involved, you will only need a good wash, moisturizer, and sunscreen for your scalp.
  • Safe and secure:  Since SMP is a non-invasive procedure, it requires no incisions and surgeries. There might only be a little discomfort from the electric tattoo needle’s micro-prick, but a large part of this is curbed by the mild anesthetic administered at the start of the procedure. The use of harmful chemicals is also avoided.
  • Economical:  Not involving surgeries, post-medication, maintenance procedures, and expensive aftercare, SMP is much more affordable than most hair loss solutions that actually glean results.  Since the procedure is short, you also save more time and use it for more productive activities.
  • Realistic appearance:  SMP forms layered dots in different hues to replicate the look of shadow on your scalp. It is done to create natural-looking depth and definition, giving you the impression of natural hair.  The same results are also achieved when covering nasty-looking scars. 

If you are looking for a simple and cost-effective way to rebuild your self-confidence and tackle hair loss, then Scalp Micropigmentation is for you.  We are all about helping our clients feel good about themselves.  Book an appointment now and feel better tomorrow.  Give us a call at (832) 654-4595, and we can get you set up with an appointment today!