Scalp Micro Pigmentation Is the Best Solution to Hair Loss

by | Dec 4, 2019 | Blog

As they say, “Bad hair, bad day. Great hair? Great day.” How our hair looks can significantly contribute to our self-esteem. It is probably because our hair is one of the most defining features of our physical appearance.

However, a lot of people experience hair loss, which can sometimes affect their self-esteem because, of course, we all want to look good and feel good.

The answer to that is quite simple: scalp micro-pigmentation. It is a form of permanent makeup that deposits pigment into the scalp that creates a look of tiny hair follicles. This will give you an appearance of thicker hair and a fuller look.

How does it work?

During the procedure for the micro scalp pigmentation, to layer pigment dots on your scalp, microneedles are used. The process or the result is somehow similar to a tattoo. However, scalp micro-pigmentation is a specialized process than a means of tattooing. It uses a highly technical process, and only trained professionals can perform this procedure. The tiny dots create the illusion that the scalp has hair or fuller hair.

The whole process usually takes 2-4 hours per session. The number of sessions varies per client, but they typically take 2-4 courses.

Do I need it?

There are many reasons why people, men, and women alike, go to cosmetic studios to get scalp micro-pigmentation.

Hair Loss

Hair loss or baldness is the primary reason why people get scalp micro-pigmentation. Hair loss is usually caused by family history (heredity), hormonal changes and medical conditions, medications and supplements, radiation, stress, or specific hair treatments. A lot of factors can actually contribute to hair loss, and you have to be alert about it.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation Is the Best Solution to Hair Loss
Hair loss can be characterized by a gradual thinning on top of the head. This is actually the most common type of hair loss for both men and women.

Circular or patchy bald spots can also be a sign of hair loss. This is more seen in men than in women.

The most common sign of hair loss is the sudden loosening of hair. Most men or women notice this when they just get out of the shower or when they are combing their hair. One or two strands of hair falling out is normal, but a handful of hair is alarming.

Receding Hairline

Receding hairline is most common in men than in women. Their hairlines are more prone to receding because of old age. It usually starts at the age of 30. When the hairline moves back, it leaves a sort of ring of hair around the top of the head.


Scars can be a result of the hair loss that a man or woman experiences or when they get hair transplants. There are different types of scars, such as alopecia and strip scarring. With scalp micro-pigmentation, these scars will be concealed.

What is the scope of permanent make up?Here at Linda DeLeon’s Beauty Techniques, we offer high-quality permanent cosmetics services from hair to eyes to lips, up until the beauty marks.

Here are the scars that can be concealed with scalp micro-pigmentation.
  • Strip scarring
  • Plug scarring
  • Alopecia scarring
  • Accident scarring
  • FUE/FUT scarring

How long does it last?

Getting a micro scalp pigmentation can also be considered as getting permanent make up because it lasts longer than daily solutions. However, it is safer to say that it is semi-permanent because it fades over time.

This treatment usually lasts 4 to 6 years. However, cosmetic studios such as Beauty Techniques can surely do retouches to ensure you still get that full look.

Benefits of micro scalp pigmentation


The whole procedure of micro scalp pigmentation is non-invasive. This means that during the process, there is no break in the skin. The process does not require an incision into the body or the removal of tissue. That is why you don’t have to worry about infections and the needles getting deep in your skin!

Benefits of micro scalp pigmentation

Immediate results

You get instant results with absolutely no downtime! You do not need to worry about delays because of the unavailability of the equipment.

Realistic and Effective

You will get that instant fuller look right after the procedure. At the same time, getting a micro scalp pigmentation is cost-effective because it is going to save you from future problems of buying hair growth shampoos or getting failed hair transplants. It is also relatively cheaper than getting surgical hair transplantations.

Why choose Beauty Techniques?

A lot of studios offer the scalp micro pigmentations, as well. In Houston, Beauty Techniques is your best option. You get the best services because of our trained technicians headed by Linda DeLeon herself, who has had 18 years of experience perfecting the art of aesthetic touches.

At Beauty Techniques also offers relatively affordable services. At the same time, you get more than your money’s worth.

Linda DeLeon has spent her last 18 years perfecting the art of permanent cosmetics. Dozens and hundreds have already come to her and her studio because Linda is simply the best. She is continuously upgrading her certifications to ensure that you are entrusting your look to a professional.

Nothing to be ashamed of

Nothing to be ashamed of

There is nothing to be embarrassed about having a micro scalp pigmentation done. A lot of men and women experience hair loss because of surgeries or family history. We will make sure that you will get through each process carefully to ensure that we will achieve the look that you want for yourself.

We are all about helping our clients feel good about themselves. Book an appointment now and feel better tomorrow. Give us a call at (832) 654-4595 and we can get you set up with an appointment today!