I had always had thin and very light eyebrows growing up. Then as I have gotten older I have losted hairs along the way. Has made it more difficult for me to accomplish a nice and even look to my eyebrows. I had been look into doing this procedure and wanted to get this done for myself. But with certain situations in my life it was set back and I just put it to the side. Then I got a very unexpected txt if u could be at the appointment 3pm the next day. I was so excited. I felt as thought what I had put a side ,God had moved that mountain just a little so that I could be able to get the procedure done. The next day as I drove to my appointment their were definitely doubts in my mind on how was is going to turn out….”WHAT IF”….it’s to dark, I don’t like the shape or maybe one comes out to short differently was worried. But as I got to the office I felt as thought I had been there before . I was greeted by Linda DeLeon ( instructor) and student & daughter as well very nice individuals who explained the procedures. When they proceed to do the hair strokes they constantly asked how I was feeling & applying numbing cream to ease the pain as needed always concern about me in a professional matter. They worked as a great team together and value each others opinion, which meant a lot to me. I felt that as a team they all want it to be perfect. But my mind was still playing trick on me in the back of my head was still worrying about the final results. But when I looked in the mirror “WOW” I was amazed on the results those tears where tears of joy and happiness to see the new me. No more spent hours on my eyebrows because there were times where they would turn out great and times when they just looked so out of place. Now I could get up worry free with my permanent eyebrows how awesome is that. I think I have said enough the video tells a whole lot more on how I felt at that moment of satisfaction. Thank you!! Linda DeLeon and the rest of the team..Awesome team work!!