I took my daughter to get her eyelashes permed. My daughter has beautiful thick eyelashes to begin with but she wanted it curled up and Linda did a really good job it was beautiful I decided to see if they can do it on me but since I have very short and pretty thin eyelashes what Linda suggested was to do another procedure just to make it stand out more when i pit mascara on, but you csn see them now ehere before without mascara or this procedure you could not see them. went I. I had the procedure done today and Linda’s daughter which I can’t remember her name but she was great she was very professional she was very sweet all
three of them Linda and her two daughters that was working today. she did a really good job I’m really happy with it and I am thinking of going back to getting my eyebrows done because I’ve seen some of the work that Linda has done and liked it a lot.. I appreciate you Linda and evertone I will be calling to schedule my eyebrows soon.

Thank you all again.