Permanent makeup was always something I wanted to get done. Anything to make the morning routine quicker, and let’s not forget the added bonus for those days that you just don’t feel like putting any makeup on if you don’t feel like it. But then there’s the one thing that stops you…It’s my face! What if I don’t like it? It’s permanent… I thought about all of that and even researched for a long time. That’s when I ran across Linda. After meeting with her and discussing what exactly I was hoping for and my concerns, I decided I was going to do it. She did my brows, upper and lower liner and upper mucosal. She made sure that I was comfortable throughout the whole process and most importantly she took her time making sure that it looked even and matched on both sides. The finished product blew me away. I absolutely it. It looks amazing. So amazing that I get compliments all the time on how I do my eye makeup. When I tell people it’s permanent makeup no ever believes me. I’ve talked to a lot of people that had bad experiences, and say how lucky I am to have found Linda. I agree…Linda is the best. She’s Amazing!