Linda – I am not sure of how to even start. First and foremost, you are a true artist wholly committed to your craft and the pursuit of perfection for each of your clients. It is easy to see how you not only care about your craft but also the individual and doing the right thing in the universe and taking the best care of your client. You are helping me to correct an error I made in judgement (in a moment of weakness I chose to let another attempt microblading on my sparse brows – and I have been sick about the negative results for over 8 months – silently suffering). When I came to see you – you were brutally honest with me about the results (which I needed to hear and I appreciated the honesty)… and then – you patted my arm and said you would do your best and we would get through this. You didn’t make me feel guilty or cry about my earlier poor decision – you gave me confidence and kept working. When I looked in the mirror before leaving – I did want to cry – tears of JOY – there was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and a feeling of relief. As we all know – your brows frame your face and there isn’t much you can do to “hide” a bad brow job. Linda – I thank you for your unending dedication to your craft and skill and mostly to how you care for your clients …… God has great plans for you and your future because you care more about others than yourself! Thank you again and again for your time and your talent. You are a true professional who will supersede all other “imitators” around you wherever you are.