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Happy Client!

As always, Linda demonstrated her rare artistry! Happy client, Shannon

Shannon N.


Linda always does an amazing job. I have an auto immune disease that has caused hair loss, so no eyebrows. Linda did my original eyebrows, and I go for touch ups when needed. Has completely changed my life to have real looking eyebrows that nobody would be able to tell are not real. She is the best!

Ruth Parker


Have wanting to do permanent eyeliner for years. Glad I did it. Excellent service.

Magdalena Bruna


I have been going to Beauty Techniques for more than six years and have always been thrilled with the exceptional service Linda provides. I’ve had permanent eyebrow microblading and they look fantastic. Linda is a professional when so many our there are not. Think twice before you trust your face to someone who is not a professional! Linda is the BEST!

Rochelle Yuga

October 26, 2018

Linda did my eyebrows for the first time around three years ago and I have just gone back to her for my yearly re-touch today. I love how symmetrical and real my eyebrows always look. I shopped around three years ago looking for a really great professional and I am glad that I found Linda.

Beverly Parrish


I had an awesome experience here today. Linda is very precise and meticulous. She is also very educated and explains every step of the process. I will return!

Aimee Boyd


This is my fourth visit . Linda does a fabulous job and I get a lot of compliments. I’ll be back next year!! 😎😎😎

Kim L.

September 2018

Linda is awesome!!
I have been a client of Linda’s for several years. She did permanent makeup for my eyebrows, upper eyeliner and lower eyeliner for my eyes. They look amazing and natural. Linda is a talented artist who takes great pride in her work.
If you are considering permanent make up I highly recommend her.

Eva Reed


I have already had compliments on the work I had done.

Barbara long


I went to Lynda for the eyebrow micro blading procedure. Lynda is very good at what she does and very helpful in knowing what you want. Even though I’m in the early stages of the healing process, I Love the way my eyebrows turned out. I can’t wait to see the final outcome!

Christie Casillas


I can’t say enough about Linda’s work!! She is the best. She is meticulous about her art and it shows. I went from having no eyebrows to getting compliments daily about them!! I recommend her to everybody that asks!!

Laura Bernard


Linda is a perfectionist. And that is exactly what I want for someone doing my permanent make up. She has done a wonderful job on correcting my eyebrows that I had done at another facility. She has also done eyeliner and lip color for me. I am so pleased with the results and with her artistry. I am a definite repeat customer.

Mary Mcghee


I’ve been w Linda almost 4years now. I’m impressed with her 17 years of experience, her standards, and her attention to detail and she doesn’t try to oversale on services that won’t benefit me.

I’ve tried other salons before finding her, and don’t plan on ever going elsewhere.

Debra S.

Debra Sjodin


This was my touch up visit and believe me someone with no eyebrow on her left eye Linda made me look like I had 2 perfect eyebrows. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to get their eyebrows done. She is very professional and will offer suggestions if you don’t have any. Am very glad I went and you will too.

Katherine Beaty


Linda is great! She has a lovely personality and is very skilled and professional. You will be glad that you chose her.

candace kyle


I cant say enough great things about Linda. She is so professional yet personal with each client. She takes her time and makes sure that every single stroke in your brow is placed perfectly. I can’t wait to see how amazing they look fully healed. If you are unsure of someone to do permanent makeup I highly suggest Linda.

Heather brandon


Linda, I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate you helping make me feel more beautiful!! You have given me the courage to talk about my eyebrow hair loss that used to be so embarrassing. You’re have given me the time back that it used to take me to fill them in daily. You make me feel so comfortable on every visit at your spa. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the detail in your craft. You are amazing!!!

Olivia Banda-Boutte

February 2018

Linda – I am not sure of how to even start. First and foremost, you are a true artist wholly committed to your craft and the pursuit of perfection for each of your clients. It is easy to see how you not only care about your craft but also the individual and doing the right thing in the universe and taking the best care of your client. You are helping me to correct an error I made in judgement (in a moment of weakness I chose to let another attempt microblading on my sparse brows – and I have been sick about the negative results for over 8 months – silently suffering). When I came to see you – you were brutally honest with me about the results (which I needed to hear and I appreciated the honesty)… and then – you patted my arm and said you would do your best and we would get through this. You didn’t make me feel guilty or cry about my earlier poor decision – you gave me confidence and kept working. When I looked in the mirror before leaving – I did want to cry – tears of JOY – there was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and a feeling of relief. As we all know – your brows frame your face and there isn’t much you can do to “hide” a bad brow job. Linda – I thank you for your unending dedication to your craft and skill and mostly to how you care for your clients …… God has great plans for you and your future because you care more about others than yourself! Thank you again and again for your time and your talent. You are a true professional who will supersede all other “imitators” around you wherever you are.

Giovanna Hamby

March 2018

Linda is an exceptional artist. Very meticulous and skilled. I give her my highest recommendation!

candace kyle


Linda was amazing!! She took her time with me and had the patience to explain about micro-blading and color filling. She was very friendly and knows her business. She kept making sure I was comfortable and made sure my hubby like the shape. Between both of them they made sure they were perfect. Great service, great attitude, great experience. Love the service and my eyebrows.

Sonia Gomez

March 2018

Linda does EXCELLENT work! She pays attention to detail and the outcome is simply fantastic!


March 9, 2018

Linda is my go to person for permanent makeup! I love the way she has done my eyebrows, eyeliner, full color lips and eyelashes! I love being able to jump in the shower, fix my hair and go, without having to worry about putting on makeup. I always get lots of compliments on her work and it looks so good, people don’t believe me when I tell them that it is permanent. Absolutely love and adore Linda! She is amazing and I highly recommend her!!

Jennifer Johnson


I went for my 3rd visit to get my brows touched up…per usual…they look great!! Love Linda. She does a beautiful job, and she is a perfectionist!!!

Amber Goodwin


I’ve been looking for a place to get a beauty mark…and found BT. I am so happy with my beauty mark, Linda was very friendly and professional. Highly recommended.


August and September 2017

Linda is wonderful! I couldn’t be happier with my experience! I had my eyebrows Microbladed and later had the touch up done and have never been happier with the way they look. Linda and Norma are extremely professional but also very kind and generous. I highly recommend Beauty Techniques!!!!

Robin Ollenburg


Linda is very professional. I finally has some hairs on my eyebrows. My eyebrows look a lot better than before. However, I am looking forward my next visit and hoping I will get the final result that I really want. I totally trust Linda can bring me this.

Thank you Linda.

Sylvia W Cumberland


I love Linda…I got my brows done 2 yrs ago, and I have gone back for touch ups…she’s an artist and perfectionist!! I wouldn’t go to anyone else!!

Amber Goodwin

July 20, 2017

Check this out… I was mistakenly called to reconfirm an appointment for another customer… I ended up making an appointment for services and had a great experience! Linda and her daughter performed an amazing brow service. This is one time a mistake turned out to me a miracle. Now I’m referring my friends. Best experience and service I’ve had! Thanks Ladies

Sandra G Castille

July 2017

Linda is fabulous! She is the only person I would allow to touch my teenage daughter’s brows. She has kept them looking thick and beautiful. As for me, I did hair strokes in March. While I am in need of a touch up and have not had time, Linda has kept my brows looking great. She has given me easy instructions to fill my brows and keep them looking perfect. Thank you Linda!

Vanessa Walther

Loving my new brows!

Linda is so talented and very personable. Loving my new brows!

Debbie Beard

June 2017

Linda always does a great job. Touch ups are looking good. Love the microblade eyebrows.

Rebecca Lum


Highly recommend Linda for permanent eyebrow/microblading. Pleasure to work with and wonderful service. I have used other permanent makeup artists and Linda is by far the best!

Natalie Hussion


I’ve been coming to Linda since 2013.. I love her! She does a beautiful job and is very passionate about her work. The staff is super friendly.

Priscilla Pinto


I have been using Linda since last year. Had touch up yesterday. I have always been pleased with results. Also, Linda and her staff have always been nice and professional. I have and would continue to recommend her to anyone!

Carol Turley


Linda is a true artist. She did an amazing job on my eyebrows. I would recommend Linda to anyone interested in permanent makeup. Thank you Linda for a great job… are awesome.

Laurene Fabec

05 25 2017

I had always had thin and very light eyebrows growing up. Then as I have gotten older I have losted hairs along the way. Has made it more difficult for me to accomplish a nice and even look to my eyebrows. I had been look into doing this procedure and wanted to get this done for myself. But with certain situations in my life it was set back and I just put it to the side. Then I got a very unexpected txt if u could be at the appointment 3pm the next day. I was so excited. I felt as thought what I had put a side ,God had moved that mountain just a little so that I could be able to get the procedure done. The next day as I drove to my appointment their were definitely doubts in my mind on how was is going to turn out….”WHAT IF”….it’s to dark, I don’t like the shape or maybe one comes out to short differently was worried. But as I got to the office I felt as thought I had been there before . I was greeted by Linda DeLeon ( instructor) and student & daughter as well very nice individuals who explained the procedures. When they proceed to do the hair strokes they constantly asked how I was feeling & applying numbing cream to ease the pain as needed always concern about me in a professional matter. They worked as a great team together and value each others opinion, which meant a lot to me. I felt that as a team they all want it to be perfect. But my mind was still playing trick on me in the back of my head was still worrying about the final results. But when I looked in the mirror “WOW” I was amazed on the results those tears where tears of joy and happiness to see the new me. No more spent hours on my eyebrows because there were times where they would turn out great and times when they just looked so out of place. Now I could get up worry free with my permanent eyebrows how awesome is that. I think I have said enough the video tells a whole lot more on how I felt at that moment of satisfaction. Thank you!! Linda DeLeon and the rest of the team..Awesome team work!!

Guadalupe Santos


Linda is the best…I won’t go anywhere else because she is such a perfectionist. She will make sure they look the way you both want before you leave.

Amber Goodwin


Everyone was very nice



Got brow hair strokes and they look great. Perfect color and density. Thanks, Linda.

Marji Hill


I had my eye brows tattooed today, Linda has been very helpful to suggest what shape and shade would look best on me, very happy with the result.
I think I need a few weeks to see if I looove the final result.
Keep you posted.

Carla Spezzapria

May 11, 2017

Linda is great I like her personality and her service. She did a great job with my eyebrows thank you so much Linda for ur patience with me u were awesome . Thank you again

Lina kanj


I would recommend Linda to anyone interested in permanent makeup. Sanitation was a big concern of mine being a healthcare professional. Linda was very conscious with her procedures being sanitary. She made my first experience a great one and I am very pleased with her work. Thank you Linda.

Nikki Crouch


I took my daughter to get her eyelashes permed. My daughter has beautiful thick eyelashes to begin with but she wanted it curled up and Linda did a really good job it was beautiful I decided to see if they can do it on me but since I have very short and pretty thin eyelashes what Linda suggested was to do another procedure just to make it stand out more when i pit mascara on, but you csn see them now ehere before without mascara or this procedure you could not see them. went I. I had the procedure done today and Linda’s daughter which I can’t remember her name but she was great she was very professional she was very sweet all
three of them Linda and her two daughters that was working today. she did a really good job I’m really happy with it and I am thinking of going back to getting my eyebrows done because I’ve seen some of the work that Linda has done and liked it a lot.. I appreciate you Linda and evertone I will be calling to schedule my eyebrows soon.

Thank you all again.

Dolores Colorado

Really, Linda is a genius at what she does

Really,Linda is a genius at what she does. She is also very professional and honest with her clients. I came for full lips because I was tired of wearing lipstick to cover my stained lips that was discolored after using bad cosmetics.
Linda told me in details what to expect and was sincere about the possible outcome. It turned out that after the procedure, the desired result was already almost achieved. I will be back to write more after the final result. Thanks Linda for a job well done.



I have been seeing Linda since 2014 & she is consistent & professional in her task. Trust her completely

Martha Mears


I have been going to Linda for several years. First for my eyeliner, and then yearly touch-ups. Linda is good. I am always pleased with the results after she has done her magic on me.

Laurie Barnett

I was very satisfied and happy with the work. I would definitely recommend to friends and family.

Lillian Steinhauser-Ragsdale

Linda is the best. Very professional and knows what she is doing. I love her work. Will definitely be back.

Rachel Thames

Eyelash Perm

I will always have my eyelash perm, eyelash and eyebrow tint done monthly at Beauty Techniques. I have had other procedures done there too and Linda is exceptional. Linda is so good at her work and is a perfectionist and a wonderful person. I recommend Beauty Techniques because of the quality of work and the pride Linda takes in everything she does.

Debra Cutrona

She truly is an artist!

Went for my touch up w/Linda yesterday! She truly is an artist! I have no regrets as she did such an excellent job, and now I know I made an excellent choice in seeing her for the job. I did not have to tell her what I needed done, she knew! She loves her job and it shows through her work. This is the best decision I have made. This saves me about 500+ on eyebrow makeup per year plus 30 to 40 minutes every day. Linda could never thank you enough!

Linda Veronica Franco

Linda is a pleasant person

Linda is a pleasant person. This was my second visit. Will come again in about six weeks if all goes well. Lillian

Irma Martinez

Linda is the best.

Linda is the best. Very professional and knows what she is doing. I love her work. Will definitely be back.

Thanks, Linda

At first, I was nervous and didn’t want to do it, but I’m very happy to have had my eyebrows done. I think they’re awesome! Thanks, Linda.

Irma J. Martinez

Feeling Blessed…..

Was nervous about getting permanent eyebrows. Been doing pencil since I was 16 years old. I am now 67. Needless to say “I was ready”. Had my consultation with Linda and I was taken by her honesty and expertise. I was not sure what I was expecting but she made me feel like I walked into the right place. I am very happy with the results and look forward to retiring my pencil.
Thank you Linda for being professional and making me feel comfortable.
Feeling Blessed…..

Emma K.

Thank you Linda for an excellent job.

I am very happy with the outcome of my perm eyelashes. My eyes look more vivid. Thank you Linda for an excellent job.

Julia Libreros

Permanent eyebrows

Love Linda for permanent eye brows. She understands color correction and application.
Thanks, Linda :-))

Marji Hill

Lash Tint & Perm

I love the eyelash tint & perm that I had last week; my lashes look beautiful, and I look younger and more alert. Thank you, Linda!!!

Jane McCord

FErury 20 2017

Thank you very much for doing a great job and making a big difference to my eyebrows and helping them stop looking so ancient. I also really appreciate receiving my over-payment back. Fond Regards

Marion Rifkind


Have wanting to do permanent eyeliner for years. Glad I did it. Excellent service.

Magdalena Bruna

I was a little unsure about it, but was absolutely THRILLED with the results!

Linda did my eyebrows for the first time in June of 2016. I was a little unsure about it, but was absolutely THRILLED with the results! For me, it was life-changing. I just went back for my 1st touch-up in February 2017, and could not be happier once again with the amazing results. Linda does exquisite work and I am now a lifetime client and fan.

Rebecca Celauro

I could not be happier!

After much research for permanent makeup, I chose Beauty Techniques. Linda is the friendliest and an artist in her craft. I felt completely comfortable and in good hands for both the consultation and permanent eyelash procedure. I could not be happier!

Shannon Speakman

Excellent service as usual

Excellent service as usual. My eyebrows looked beautiful. I will never go any place else.

Faye Burt

Love Linda & her services.

Love Linda & her services.
She cares about her work & her clients.

Martha Mears

As always, my visits with Linda are awesome.

As always, my visits with Linda are awesome. She is a talented artist. Have been using her for years, no regrets.

Marja Yuille

I finally booked my appointment and I fell in love!

I got my eyelashes permed for the 1st time. I’ve been wanting to try it for a long time now. I finally booked my appointment and I fell in love! I don’t have boy lashes anymore! My lashes are straight and go down over my eyes. The lash lift curled the lashes up, my eyes look more open now. I can’t stop staring at them. Haha. I get compliments on them at work they all want to get a lash lift now.

Ariana Tabasco

Linda is the BEST!

I love how much time I save by getting permanent makeup. Linda is the BEST!

Sally Stubbs

I’m extremely happy with the outcome!

I had a wonderful experience with Linda for hair strokes brows. She was extremely honest about what to expect, has a great eye and does excellent work. I’m extremely happy with the outcome!

Sylvia VerMeulen

Really enjoyed my visit.

Linda was terrific. So friendly. Did a great job. Really enjoyed my visit.

Faye Burt

November 2016

Greatest investment for myself!

Monica Chagolla

I always feel so good after my sessions at Beauty Techniques.

I always feel so good after my sessions at Beauty Techniques. Linda is foremost an artist and perfectionist. She never fails to make me look better when I leave than when I went in. My first session was for HairStroke eyebrow and they have never looked so good. Today I had my eyebrows tinted and she covered all the stubborn gray hair. It gave my eyebrows the definition they lacked because of the uneven concentration of gray hair in my eyebrows, and now I won’t have to touch them up with makeup. She’s also an excellent instructor because her technician does a wonderful job in perming my eyelashes. They actually look natural! Thanks Beauty Techniques


I love my brows!

I went to be a model for powder filled eyebrows. Linda was so awesome in allowing me to give feed back and instruct the student on the proper practice (do’s and dont’s). She was very patient and kept the conversation going so it felt more less instructional but more focused on me. I love my brows! I can’t wait to come in for a touch up in a few weeks to darken them. I also loved how Linda immediately looked at my skin and knew the type/color of ink to apply to make it look natural. You can’t beat someone who loves their craft!


Linda is the best!

Linda is the best! She loves what she does and she is in a league of her own. She is an artist and one of the best people I know. My life is better because of Linda’s skills. My makeup time has been cut in half and you know what they say “Happy wife happy life” – but my man is the happy one not having to wait on me to get ready and he loves Linda’s work too!

Debra Cutrona


I had a consultation with Linda, and she made me feel comfortable and confident. I’m looking forward to making an appointment with her very shortly!

Patricia Jurecek


Linda has an artistic gift to see the potential and the talent and experience to capture it. My eyebrows are so natural – the micro blading took a decade or more from my face. Treat yourself. You will be blessed by her inner joy and passion for her work.

Martina Asbury

As usual, Linda did a great job!

I had a touch up done on my eyeliner. As usual, Linda did a great job!

Sheryl Bonin

Linda does fabulous work.

Linda does fabulous work. She is very meticulous and patient. She listens to your wants and needs and she gives you her honest, professional opinion. Kudos… I would highly recommend Linda.


Linda does fantastic work.

Linda does fantastic work. She utilizes her honest professional opinion regarding color, technique and shape selections.
I just wish I didn’t have to fly from out of state every time I need her services!

carmen carter

Consistently pleasant

Consistently pleasant, efficient, and professional. Great work, always very pleased with the outcome. I have had eyeliner and eyebrows done now and would not go to anyone else!

Laurie Jackson

Location, parking & wait time are also a plus!!

Visited Ms. Linda for my eyebrow touch-up after 6 months of my initial appt. She and her staff are super professional & down to earth people. I love her ability to make your eyebrows look as natural as possible. Location, parking & wait time are also a plus!!

Crystal B

Eyelash Perm

I booked my appointment based on the Website reviews. I am glad that I did it. They did an Amazing eyelash perm. Very happy with the result.
Great experience. Nice and clean facility. Linda and the staff are very friendly.  A place to definitively recommend.

Julia Libreros

Eyebrow Touch Up

As always Linda does an amazing job on my eyebrows.
She always reviews your file before she proceeds & is always does a great job.

Martha Mears

Linda is an artist.

Linda is an artist. I have been dealing with my eyebrows since 1977. I have tried every thing on my eyebrows. I have tried to fix my eyebrows with makeup every single day. After having visited Linda, now i have the perfect shape on my awesome new eyebrows. It looks so natural. I even look younger.
Thank you so much Linda for being a real artist.

Rovena Moreno

Linda was amazing

Linda was amazing…made me feel so comfortable and my eyebrows look fantastic:)!!!

Amber Goodwin

I love them!

Thank you for the beautiful curl you gave my eyelashes…I love them!

Jane McCord

I highly recommend her!

Linda is very conscientious and does a great job! I highly recommend her!

Sally Stubbs

Thank you Linda, and your team, for being so personable.

About a month ago I went in and Linda worked her magic to ‘cover up’ my old tattoo’d brows, which were very dark/grey. She covered them with a brown & it held 🙂
I went in today to get my brows hair stroked…….and soon after that had my eyes lined.
Linda takes a lot of pride in her work….I told her if she loves it, then I will 🙂
It is apparent she’s not only fantastic at what she does, but truly loves her work.
I am one that rarely wears make-up so this investment was one of the best I’ve ever made.
Thank you Linda, and your team, for being so personable.
(The pic is just a couple of hours after)

Robin Talamini Campbell

There’s pleasure in knowing that Linda is someone who knows her talent/gift and that she is putting it to use in ways that benefit others.

There’s pleasure in knowing that Linda is someone who knows her talent/gift and that she is putting it to use in ways that benefit others. Linda is very personable and welcoming. Her office space is extremely nice, inviting, and very professional – this also includes her support staff. Linda gave me what I’ve always wanted and that’s well defined, natural looking eyebrows. Thank you Linda – I’m so glad I found you on Yelp and that I selected you. I have absolutely no regrets and am very, very happy with my results. Keep up your awesome work. May God bless you, your loved ones, your staff, and your business.

Starzette Grate

Linda DeLeon is a true professional.

Linda DeLeon is a true professional. After consulting with her I decided not to have a procedure because as a 65-year old redhead, my skin is just too fragile. She explained my options and asked a lot of questions. Her experience and knowledge are impressive. Her main interest was doing what would serve me best, not trying to sell services. Her office is professional and immaculate, and I greatly appreciated her kindness. I consider her to be very ethical and would certainly give my recommendation to someone who is better suited to this type of procedure.

Ellen Lofland

I LOVE my brows!

Had my first touch up and I’m just as happy as I was the first time Linda did my brows. Linda is truly gifted at what she does and always welcoming and pleasant. I LOVE my brows! Thank you so much Linda!


Highly recommend!

My lashes are long and I wanted a good curl to really show them off so I was so pleased with the gorgeous curl the eyelash perm gave me! Highly recommend!

Amanda Gamel

Linda is the absolute BEST!!!

Linda is the absolute BEST!!! I’ve been a client for many years and she has never let me down! She’s a true Artist, very professional, and takes Pride in her work. Please believe me, I’ve seen plenty of horrible work, Linda is the very Best!
Thanks so much!!!

Terri Broussard Davis

Thank you Linda!

Thank you Linda!
From my first phone conversation to checking out, you and your staff were friendly, professional, and accommodating. I’ve had my “new brows” for 6 days & each day I love them even more. I am so glad I finally decided to do this & that I chose you. I highly recommend you to anyone wanting permanent makeup & I will be coming back for all of my future procedures. Thank you once again for your beautiful work.

Jessica Gallo

Honestly, Linda and her staff, from the time I walked in, were so nice, understanding and honest.

Honestly, Linda and her staff, from the time I walked in, were so nice, understanding and honest. In the process of getting my brows re-done.
By the time I left, I felt like I had made a new friend 🙂 THANK YOU!!
(Linda has the before and after pics, and then there will be ‘after after pics’. Back in 4 weeks 🙂

Robin Talamini Campbell

My eyebrows were very thin from plucking.

My eyebrows were very thin from plucking. I tried drawing them on but that didnt work so i decided to get pmu. So I researched for 2 months and found Linda. I read all the reviews and looked at her gallery on the website. I finally decided to take the big step and got it done. I know it will take time to heal and lighten up a little but I am very pleased with. I’m so glad I chose Beauty Techniques.


Linda is a truly amazing!

Linda is a truly amazing! I came in for a touch up on my eyebrows and eyeliner – my looks have changed 100% with the brows (I had none before) and the eyeliner! Love, love it! I just put on mascara and go – I recommend Linda to anyone who is thinking about permanent makeup! I will be coming back for many years to come! I fly in 1800 miles to see her – I will only trust her! Thanks again – Linda you are the best!

Sue Ledwich

I finally made the decision to do my brows

I finally made the decision to do my brows! I was a nervous wreck about how they might turn out. I didn’t want them to look “drawn” on, and I didn’t want them to be the first thing people noticed about me. Linda was very calming, and explained, in great detail, exactly what to expect. I am super pleased with my results, and highly recommend Beauty Techniques for any permanent makeup procedures.

Wendy Trahan

Linda is a true artist.

Linda is a true artist. I had been dealing with bad eyebrows since teenager. I have a scar that no matter what i used it always look terrible and the shape of my eyebrows made me me look older than what i really am. But now i have the shape I should have always had and look younger.
Thank you so much Linda and staff.

Blanca orellana

I am so pleased.

As always I am so pleased with Linda’s work & her professionalism.
Love the new office set up.

Martha Mears

This was my first time getting my eyebrows done, Linda did an awesome job!

This was my first time getting my eyebrows done, Linda did an awesome job! I am really pleased with my results. I am sending customers your way.

Nekisha German

It’s a natural and comfortable experience when I go Linda.

It’s a natural and comfortable experience when I go Linda. She listens and speaks honestly with me. I’ve had my brows, eyeliner and now my lips done. I’ve come to trust her completely; she has surpassed my expectations with permanent makeup. And I’m glad to have found her!

Debra Sjodin

I love my hair stroke eyebrows.

I love my hair stroke eyebrows. I saw Linda for the first time Oct 2015 for hair stroke eyebrows. I saw her for a touch up Jan 2016. I’ve lost most of my brows do to age, an illness and medication for the illness. Thanks to Linda’s beautiful work I now have brows again. I’m so happy. Thank you Linda!

Martha Pritchett

I have NEVER had any regrets or issues with her work.

I’ve been going to Linda for a few years now. I have NEVER had any regrets or issues with her work. My last visit consisted of me getting a touch up on my hairstroke eyebrows and upper eyeliner. I wanted my brows a little thicker and my upper eyeliner a little wider. I couldn’t be happier with the results! Linda, you truly did an amazing job on both.

Jeanette Griffin

Eyelash Extensions

I had eyelash extensions and I love them! They look very natural, I don’t even have to wear a lot of eye make up any more! Thank you!

SanJuanita Rodriguez

Thank you Linda

This was my touch-up appointment with Linda. Over the past 6 or 7 months I have done a full face (eyebrows, eyeliner and lips). I love it all. She is truly a professional. My eyebrows have changed my face. I did not have any before. Now, I can throw on a little mascara and go! Thank you Linda

Tricia Benner

Full Face Makeup

Linda touched up my eyeliner this time. She was awesome and worked very carefully with me, since I have some sensitivity issues. Wherever I go, people are constantly admiring my makeup,especially my lips. When I tell them it is a ratio, they never believe me. Then I always tell them about Linda and how awesome she is. They always say something like, you would never have known that it wasn’t makeup, unless I had said something.

Jennifer Johnson

Thank you Linda for all you do for me!

Linda has been my professional make up artist since 2009… I trust every recommendation she makes and depend on her expertise with design as well as color! Thank you Linda for all you do for me!

Denise Moline

Thanks again Linda!

This was second time returning for her service.
I am in beauty industry so I recognize when I see someone’s great work.
Linda is extremely talented and focus on even tiny details of what client’s need. She knows what her client needs but does not push. Very happy with result.
Thanks again Linda!


I got my hair stroke eyebrows and I love them.

I got my hair stroke eyebrows and I love them. Linda did an awesome job, she explains everything very well and is very professional. I had no hair and she made my eyebrow look really natural, thank you Linda, I will definitely recommend you to friends and family.

Lilian Garibay

Linda is a professional and true artist in her field of permanent make-up.

Linda is a professional and true artist in her field of permanent make-up. I have had both my brows and eyeliner done by Linda. She corrected another “not so good” job I had done previously and did an expert job! Since this is a permanent procedure, you must be diligent when making a choice about who you will use. Her environment is extremely clean and calming and her staff is welcoming and professional. Spending time with Linda is like visiting with your best friend. I too am a customer for life!!!

Rochelle Yuga

Linda is the da Vinci of eyebrows.

collage2bLinda is the da Vinci of eyebrows. I came in for my touch-up on Tuesday and she spent at least a full hour on them. She doesn’t stop until your brows are perfect. She is a stickler for hygiene and sanitation as well, so you have nothing to worry about except sitting up with stellar brows! Love you, Linda! I passed out your business card today to my post-op nurse in the hospital after I got my tonsils out this morning. Even under anesthesia, I’m promoting your work! 🙂 🙂

Meredith Massey

I love them.

I love them. Linda did my eyebrows and she was fabulous!! My permanent eyebrows look amazing especially when I take photos. Next she will do my lips. Well worth the time and money :).

Umaja Corine Savoy

Linda is an artist in a league of her own.

I have my eye lashes permed, my brows and lashes tinted and am always happy with the results. Beauty Techniques is so wonderful, the staff, the procedures, the professionalism. I am a client for life! Linda is an artist in a league of her own.

Debra L. Cutrona

I am ALWAYS 100% pleased

I am ALWAYS 100% pleased! Thank you for what you do and how well you do it!

Sally Stubbs

I am in love with them!!!

Linda did an awesome job with my eyebrows. I am in love with them!!!

Jahaira Richards

Linda did a fabulous job on my brows!

Linda did a fabulous job on my brows! I use to have to spend 15 minutes every morning trying to make my brows look good but I had my brows done with Linda I do nothing. They look great and I get many compliments! Thanks Linda!

Lucille Matte

Thank you so much for your work today!

Thank you so much for your work today! I cant thank you enough. I could feel people look at my eyebrows before Linda corrected them, it used to make me feel so insecure and self conscious. I never liked my face because of the bad eyebrow work i had before. You brought my confidence back and for that i will always be so grateful for you. Anyone who reads this.. The staff here is incredibly nice.. You pay for work that is going to be done correctly the first time.. Our next step is the get the old eyebrows removed.. See you soon Linda and staff

Priscilla Pinto

Linda is a wonderful artist.

Linda is a wonderful artist. I have been to her for several things including brows, liner, and lips. She has always done a fabulous job! I recommend her highly!!

Sheryl Bonin

The overall experience was great

I had a wonderful time with Linda and her team. The overall experience was great and I look forward to coming back for more.

Michelle Ebrahimi

Very impressed and happy with the look.

I scheduled an appointment for some hairstroke eyebrows. Very impressed and happy with the look. It has made a great difference on my appearance. My husband loves the look. Once again thank you Linda and office staff for the great experience.

Hilda Teschendorf

Linda was very welcoming and very attentive to me

Linda was very welcoming and very attentive to me. I experienced a total transformation with my hair stroke eyebrows and would recommend Linda to family and friends.

Teresa Dewitte

What a great experience!

What a great experience! Linda is awesome and what a great artist! I’m so happy!

Kelly Thornton

Linda does wonderful work.

Linda does wonderful work. I love the permanent eyeliner and brows.

Eileen Singleton

Linda and staff are wonderful

Great experience, very professional atmosphere. Linda and staff are wonderful

Mary Edwards-Bailey

She really is the BEST in town!

I went to Linda for the hairstroke eyebrows procedure and I am extremely pleased with the work she has done. Linda is AMAZING!! She really is the BEST in town!

Sandra Gore

Thank you so much!

Linda did a great job on my eyeliner and lipliner….. Thank you so much!

Kristi Wimberly

I’m so happy with my results!

I’m so happy with my results! I got the hairstroke application on my eyebrows. They look beautiful! I had no swelling and was able to return to my day immediately. Linda is an artist!

Meredith Massey

I had my eyebrows done and I LOVE them!!!

I had my eyebrows done and I LOVE them!!! Linda was so much fun to work with and she did an awesome job!! I will definitely recommend her to friends and co-workers AND I’ll be back for sure!! Great staff too!! Thanks for giving me eyebrows again!

Julie mata

My hairstroke eyebrows are beautiful!

Linda and her staff were so professional and attentive. My hairstroke eyebrows are beautiful!


I recommend her

I believe Linda is a very good artist. Not much pain and very good results! I recommend her.

ann weiss

Eyelash Perm / Tint


Jane McCord

I LOVE her service in every way

I LOVE her service in every way – Professionals skills, good location, nice staffs, reasonable price. I’d definitely recommend Linda to my friends!!!


Great experience with Linda and the girls in the office

Just had my PMU Eyebrows done by Linda and already love them. Already scheduled next month for eyeliner. Great experience with Linda and the girls in the office. Thank you

Tricia Benner

So pleased I found her!

Linda is great & her work is remarkable.
So pleased I found her!

Martha Mears

Linda was very welcoming, nice and professional.

Linda was very welcoming, nice and professional. I’m very pleased with the outcome of my pmu eyebrows. They are still healing but so far so good and it feels great to have new beautiful natural looking brows. I traveled from out of town for my appointment and it was definitely worth it. Thanks so much Linda!…..I will be a returning client for sure!

Nicole Davis

Linda is the absolute best!

Linda is the absolute best! I was extremely nervous but she made sure I was comfortable. Linda created eyebrows I always wished I could have, and now I do! She was extremely professional and sweet. I highly recommend her. She is GOOD!

Mary Daniels

I would highly recommend Linda to everyone!

Upon approaching my 63rd birthday my face was washed out and eyebrows and upper lip had all but disappeared… on a whim I started researching permanent eye liner and found Linda’s website. After seeing her work I decided to also get my brows and lips done. I look and feel like a new younger person…Linda is a true artist! I am so happy with the results I stop and look in every mirror I pass…I love the new look. Thank you so much Linda…so glad I found you.   I would highly recommend Linda to everyone!

Diane Soltner

Linda is amazing!!

Linda is amazing!! I got permanent makeup for my eyebrows with her and they are stunning! I loved them so much, I started to cry in the office! Will recommend her to all my friends and family. She has great music playing in the background too!! Don’t hesitate, just go to Linda!

Kimberly Garcia

A total delight from the time you walk in to the time you leave.

A total delight from the time you walk in to the time you leave. Linda made you feel comfortable, she answered all questions, made recommendations and then did a phenomenal job. I thoroughly enjoyed my time and would strongly recommend Beauty Techniques to anyone who wants a quality job and a true “customers always right” atmosphere to have their enhancements preformed. Love it! Not much more needs to be said.

Tamara Couick

Very Good

very good work very professinal

sara wolkowitz

I am really pleased with the outcome of my brows!

I am really pleased with the outcome of my brows! I was a victim of the 90’s narrow eyebrow movement, and really needed help to make my brows look fuller, naturally. Well Linda did it 🙂 and she did a great job!! They look very natural even though they are brand new & still healing. Linda is a perfectionist and won’t stop until it’s perfect!
Thanks Linda !!

Maria Soendergaard

Eyebrow Extensions

First off, Linda is incredible! She is meticulous about her work, and gave me the most natural looking eyebrows with my eyebrow extensions. I can’t wait to come back for permanent makeup on my brows- still in awe of how she can tattoo strokes to look like real hair. She’s the real deal, Folks!

Sarah Gonzalez

I look so much happier and younger!

Thanks Linda, you have certainly helped me out with what was, a huge problem to me! My new brows have changed my face, I look so much happier and younger! Great job!

Debbie Payne

Thanks Linda

Linda has done my permanent eyebrow tattoo and follow-up. She has a great eye for achieving the right color and style. I will always go back to her for any touch-ups. Thanks Linda. Good job. Marji

Marji Hill

I would recommend her to everyone!

I went in to get my top and bottom eyeliner done and ended up getting my eyebrows done too! She was fabulous and knows how work her magic to make you beautiful. I would recommend her to everyone!

Megan L

Extensiones de pestañas

Cuando me iva a casar pense en ponerme extensions de pestañas (una por una) , pero la persona con la que hable por cierto en (The Woodlands) me dijo que si yo era alergica y sensible en mi piel probablemente era major que no me las pusiera por el pegamento, Yo recibi un email de Beauty Techniques ofreciendome las extensions con adhesivo antialergenico, asi que despues de pensarlo un poquito me decidi y hice mi cita, y como siempre LINDA tan linda me atendio incredible y hizo un trabajo fabuloso no me hizo reaccion el pegamento y me quedaron padrisimas mis pestañas super naturales como si trajera puesto un buen rimel. (Una amiga me vio y dijo que ella tambien quiere ir)
Gracias Linda!!!!!

Angie Bravo

Her work has a very natural look.

I have had the opportunity of being a recipient of Linda’s services on several occasions. The first time I acquired Linda’s services I had my eyebrows done. I was so impressed with her work that I returned and had her do my upper and lower eyelids.
Linda’s workmanship and personality are outstanding!! Her work has a very natural look.
As a client she makes you feel as though she is your personal make-up artist. I highly recommend Linda if you are considering “permanent make-up”
Eva J. Reed

Eva J. Reed

She is the BOMB.COM!!!!!!

Linda, knows what she’s doing, great personality, very lovely office, very sweet daughter, in a nut shell…… She is the BOMB.COM!!!!!! Thank you Linda. Ms. Robyn!

Lytania Robyn jones

I was so impressed!

I had recently read about Eyebrow Extensions and how they are alllll the big craze on the West Coast. I then decided to google “Eyebrow Extensions Houston, TX.” I found Linda at Beauty Techniques. So glad I did, because in one session, she literally trasformered by squirrely, wormy, over-plucked for decades brows, and made me look and feel like a supermodel…camera- ready, I swear! I was so impressed! Linda is very thorough and talented at all things beauty. She’s personable too! I am telling all my friends and will definitely be back!

Kelly Gerszewski

You are the best!

Thank you Linda for some awesome eyebrows that look perfect and natural. I can’t tell you how much time I save every day by not having to do my brows. I wish I would of done this a long time ago.


Linda always does a great job.

I have had previous services from her. My tattoo is new so I’m letting it heal.
Had my brows done and they look beautiful. Linda thank you for helping me become the beautiful person I am, outside and inside.

Kelly J Denton

Thanks Linda

Thanks Linda. I appreciate your consultation on how to color correct my previous eyebrow tattoos. These look great.

Marji Hill

I just want you to know that my eyebrows are absolutely, positively beautiful!

Hi Linda! I’ve gotten so many compliments on my brows here at work & so many of the Metrolift drivers are complimenting me too on the way my eyebrows look ! I can’t wait to get my eyeliner done! See you very soon & thank you again Linda for my beautiful brows! Linda

Linda Parish

She was professional and very helpful.

I went to Linda to have my beauty mark darkened. She was professional and very helpful. I would definitely recommend Her to others.

Shawna Nikole

I absolutely adore Linda!

I absolutely adore Linda! She is the best around and I would never trust anyone to do my permanent makeup! Came back for my touchup on brows and eyeliner and love it all! I also love spending time talking with Linda – I would recommend her to anyone and I have and will continue to!!!

Sue Ledwich

Happy I found you!

I appreciate your attention to detail, professionalism, and genuine concern for customer satisfaction! Happy I found you!

Sally Stubbs

I am in awe of her confidence and talent.

My brows had been really messed up,Linda was able to correct the mess and they are beautiful. I am in awe of her confidence and talent.

Betty Whitaker

My Eyebrow Extensions turned out absolutely beautiful

My eyebrow extensions turned out absolutely beautiful and was money well spent! I was very impressed with the results since I had very sparse over-tweezed brows and needed to have them done for a photoshoot. The brow application was very comfortable and took very little time.

Because the brow extensions do not last long, I’ve decided to go back in the future for permanent eyebrow makeup. The before and after photos of Linda’s clients with the permanent eyebrows look so natural and flawless, and now I can’t wait to go back to get them done.

Beautiful office and very professional.

Megan Becerra

I love my eyelash perm!!!

I love my eyelash perm!!! She took her time with my stubborn eyelashes. They are beautiful !!! Thanks Linda 🙂

Anna Patino

I love them!

I went to Linda to get the permenant eyebrows. I love them! She is very meticulous with her work. After concluding my appointment, I was very pleased with the appearance of my eyebrows, but Linda explained to me that after a few days, I would have a better feel of what they’ll look like. So I wanted to wait a few days before writing a review. I am now 9 days out, and still very pleased. No regrets, would do it all over again and would definitely recommend a friend. Thanks Linda!

Michelle Mayfield

Linda is incredible!

Linda is incredible! Her artwork on my eyebrows is great. she works what is best for you and is a perfectionist in her craft. Caring and personable, I will share Linda’s info with all my family and friends. Thank you Linda !!!!!!

Vicki Matney

She is a perfectionist and takes her work very seriously.

Linda Deleon is very personable and friendly. I went in to have my thinning eye brows filled and reshaped and have permanent makeup put on my lips. My lips have been stubborn to take in color, but Linda hasn’t given up on me. She is a perfectionist and takes her work very seriously. I am very happy with all of the work she has done and would recommend her to anyone and everyone that needs a little help. THANK YOU LINDA!

Susan Pershall

Eyelash Perm

I’ve been getting my eyelashes permed by Linda for over 2 years now. I must say that her attention to detail and a great work product comes in handy at making sure my eyelashes look great. My eyelashes are stubborn and sometimes need a repeat process and she is always willing to give me the time to make sure they come out perfect!

Jazmin S

Permanent Eyeliner

I have been wanting permanent eyeliner for about a year now, and I’m so happy I went through with it. Linda did a wonderful job, I will definitely refer all my friends and family to her. Thank you Linda!! I’m loving not having to worry about eyeliner smearing, and I can wake up and go. 🙂 I will defiantly be back for more Beauty Techniques!

Melissa Sanchez

Linda does great work.

Linda does great work. Had my eyeliner done today. Minimal pain and great results. Can’t wait for healing to finish so I can really see what it looks like. I would recommend Linda to anyone considering permanent makeup procedures.

Suetta Miller

Linda is AMAZING!

Linda is AMAZING! I love my hairstroke eyebrows. Linda has a definite art form towards her work. My eyebrows were getting lower and lower, uneven, sometimes sparse…NOW they are perfect for me and so easy to manage. Thank you Thank you Thank you Linda! You’re awesome!

Lori Cole

I am very happy with the Eyelash Perm

I am very happy with the Eyelash Perm. My stubborn straight lashes don’t hold a curl from eyelash curlers or mascaras. Now I have a nice curl. Thank you, Linda! I will return soon for another perm!

Lynn Rentz

Loving my brows!

Loving my brows! Thanx, Linda. Great job!

Toni Arnold

I am so so happy

I am so so happy that I finally came here to get my eyebrows done! I have been considering permanent eyebrows for YEARS. Now, I wake up every morning with eyebrows I used to spend 10-15 minutes on. I feel great wearing less makeup than before because of the new “natural” beauty I wake up with. I will definitely be back for a touch up since I am a perfectionist, but even without a touch up they look great! Thank you, Linda!


Linda is amazing.

Linda is amazing. I showed her a picture of the eyeliner style that I wanted and I got exactly what I asked for.. It looks amazing, and was done in a clean professional environment. Thank you linda!!


My brows are beautiful

Nothing at all like the first two times I had it done at my dermatologists and cracked a tooth it was so painful. And those brows turned blue! Linda did hair stroke on me and completely changed the shape of my face for the better. And it wasn’t painful! My brows are beautiful. I’m glad I went to Linda.

Suetta Miller

I agree…Linda is the best. She’s Amazing!

Permanent makeup was always something I wanted to get done. Anything to make the morning routine quicker, and let’s not forget the added bonus for those days that you just don’t feel like putting any makeup on if you don’t feel like it. But then there’s the one thing that stops you…It’s my face! What if I don’t like it? It’s permanent… I thought about all of that and even researched for a long time. That’s when I ran across Linda. After meeting with her and discussing what exactly I was hoping for and my concerns, I decided I was going to do it. She did my brows, upper and lower liner and upper mucosal. She made sure that I was comfortable throughout the whole process and most importantly she took her time making sure that it looked even and matched on both sides. The finished product blew me away. I absolutely it. It looks amazing. So amazing that I get compliments all the time on how I do my eye makeup. When I tell people it’s permanent makeup no ever believes me. I’ve talked to a lot of people that had bad experiences, and say how lucky I am to have found Linda. I agree…Linda is the best. She’s Amazing!

Amie Chambers

Very Pleased!!

I went to Linda for permanent eyebrows and although I was initially very nervous about the procedure, Linda was very professional and did a great job. In fact I took my daughter in the same week for the same procedure. We are both very pleased with her work. Thanks Linda!

Rachel Esquibel

I couldn’t be happier with the service that I received from Linda.

I couldn’t be happier with the service that I received from Linda. She came highly recommended to me as the best in Houston in her field, and she has proven to be everything that I had heard she was. Linda is passionate about delivering high quality services, and it shows in her work. I am extremely satisfied with the outcome of the service provided and really appreciate the time, dedication, and personal interest that she took with me and my individual needs. I will definitely return to Linda in the future, and highly recommend her services to others.

Kimberly Rodriguez

Definitely will be going back!

I had my eyebrows, mucosal eye coloring upper and lower along with upper and lower eyeliner done. Linda is wonderful and spent the time with me to make sure I got just what I wanted. She did a fabulous job and I love the outcome of everything!

Definitely will be going back! I would recommend Linda to anyone wanting to have permanent makeup done!

Sue Ledwich

Your customer for life

I have had many services over my years and have learned not to set my expectations high because I find myself being disappointed; however I must say that Linda did not disappoint me. I love my eyebrows. Thank you Linda. I will tell at least 10 people and tell them to tell 10. You have a customer for life.

Diane White

Thank you Linda

What can I say but that It Felt Sooo Good to finish my workout and to see my eyebrows were still there. I had totally left it up to Linda because I had no clue with color; shape AND I have no regrets. THANK YOU Linda

Bernadette Z.

My eyebrows are wonderful!

My eyebrows were very faint and thin. It was as though I had no eye brows. After much research I decided to seek permanent eyebrows. The day of my appointment I was somewhat apprehensive. However, after meeting and consulting with Linda all of my apprehensiveness disappeared. Linda is very personable. My eyebrows are wonderful! They look natural and not like a tattoo.
Linda is a true artist! If you are seeking permanent eyebrows I highly recommend Beauty Techniques and Linda. The work that is done is amazing.

Eva J. Reed


WoW – Linda fixed my eyebrows that were messed up by the ‘powder-in look’ from another technician. Now, they are shaped evenly and do not look tatooed.
I was literally floating out of her office as I have been struggling with these eyebrows for a couple of years now. I highly recommend her.

Katrina D. Packard

My eyebrows do not look like they are tattooed

I met Linda back in March 2010. I was very hesitant about permanent make-up on my eyebrows. Linda made me feel extremely comfortable and explained the whole process. I re-visited with Linda a few days ago and again reassuring me with great confidence. I’m extremely satisfied with her art. My eyebrows do not look like they are tattooed. They look so natural and could not be happier with her work. Thank you Linda !!!!

Chantal Cantu

The day of my appointment she EXCEEDED my expectations!

Permanent eyebrow makeup is something I looked into on and off for a few years. Since the procedure is permanent, I was very afraid of choosing the wrong artist. During a Google search, I came across many positive reviews regarding Linda’s artistry on Yelp. One review in particular reminded me of my own story. Like me, the young lady had a scar and uneven eyebrows. After reading her review along with others, I scheduled a consultation with Linda.

During the consultation, I could tell Linda is very passionate about her work. She was very informative, personable, and professional. Also, her office space is adorable and clean. I knew she was the one! I scheduled my appointment after a couple of weeks…gave my brow hair time to grow after waxing.

The day of my appointment she EXCEEDED my expectations! My eyebrows are even, natural looking and my scar is no longer visible. I can’t stay out of the mirror!

Thank you Linda!

Sherica T

Linda is the best

I had my upper eyeliner and eyebrows done. It looks great! People are always shocked to know that I have permenant makeup. The best part is, I have less to do to get ready in the morning. Linda is the best.

Jennifer H.

Linda is absolutely amazing!

Linda is absolutely amazing! I LOVE my eyebrow permanent makeup! She is extremely talented and friendly…. I will be using her in the future for other services and touch ups. I HIGHLY recommend Linda!

Rachel B.

Eyelash Extensions

I am very happy that have found Linda.  She did beautiful works she understand my needs.  I had lash extension and I was very happy with the results.  I will recommend any one to see her.

Violin Dupasquier

Semi-Permanent Mascara

I’m from Colorado and my husband and I are leaving on a cruise. I was looking for someone to do eyelash tinting. I was lucky enough to find Linda!
Linda is absolutely amazing! She did my semipermanent mascara and I love it. It’ll be so nice not having to put on mascara on the ship! The next time I’m In Houston I will definitely go see Linda again. Thank you Linda you’re a sweetie!

Missy Pennington

Great Office Location

Linda is reparing work I had done in New Orleans & she has been marvelous.
Great office location
Very professional

Martha Mears

So happy I found Linda

I am so happy that I found Linda in the Yellow Pages. She is very professional and does beautiful work. She tattooed my eyebrows and eyeliner & I couldn’t be more pleased. I look forward to using more of her professional services in the future!

Gail Brack

French Eyeliner

I’ve known Linda for 5 plus years! Back then I had the french eyliner procedure done. She probably thought I was a nut case because I would not be still in her chair! I thought it was the worst pain I’d ever experienced in my life. But the french eyeliner was simply gorgeous! I came back 5 yrs., later to get the procedure touched up! Again I was scared to death thinking why am I going through this torture again! Well, I sat in the chair still afraid but wouldn’t tell Linda. She started the procedure and to my surprise there was hardly no PAIN! I was elated that technology left her tools ”PAIN FREE”! Linda is very good with any procedure she offers.

Thanks Linda for putting up with me when I was probably your worst customer years ago. You’re the best, I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Leila Boulard-El

Linda was excellent!

Linda was excellent! She knows what she is doing and offered insightful options from extensive experience. She did an exceptional job on eyelining upper and lower eyelids for me, first ever procedure for me. I recommend her highly and will definitely go back to her for future services.

Laurie Jackson

She changed my life!

I was extremely nervous having someone other than myself take over my brows. After many years of over plucking I was left drawing them on daily. I researched permeant make up for a year and I always came back to visit Linda’s FB page. She has such a passion for what she does and her work is amazing. Linda was patient with me working with my brows to find a style that complimented my face. She was gentle and professional. The results are out of this world. She changed my life! No longer do I have to worry about my 18 month old rubbing my brow off. My face looks brighter and happier. Thank you Linda for my new look!

Sofia Guerrero

What an Artist!

Linda was very patient and understanding and what an Artist! We worked together to create beautifully shaped brows and color. I had my eyebrows done over 7 years ago and she worked with them to create an up to date look. And even though I’m 60 years old, Linda’s expert hands made me look years younger! Thanks Linda! I’m so glad I just happened upon your service and all of the reviews were absolutely true!

sheila fischer

I highly recommend Linda!!

My daughter scheduled my appointment for permanent eye brows as my 70th bday gift. I was very nervous about getting them done , but Linda was very informative and answered all my questions. I absolutely love the finished look she created for me. I feel and look younger, and best of all I can wake up and have a finished look with little time to have to apply make-up daily! I highly recommend Linda!! — Rachel 2014



I was afraid to get my eyebrows permanent. The first time we decided to do them, was with Linda. She does a FANTASTIC job. I have been having my permanent eyebrows for about 7 yrs now. And I get so many compliments its surprising. Good Job Linda.. Best Wishes on your business!!

Karina Teran

Permanent Eyebrows

Permanent Eyebrows-
Ms. Linda did a wonderful job making me feel comfortable as she touched up my eyebrow color. Her office is always clean and neat, and her work is always brilliant. I receive many compliments and my brows look very natural.


Excellent Job – Lash Perm & Tint

I had a wonderful experience with Linda. She did an excellent job on my lash perm and color. She also told me about her lash growth product that is less expensive than that one on TV. Of course I purchased it. Linda is a wealth of information. Just Ask. Thanks Linda

Debi Brown

Permanent Eyebrows

Great job. I love my brows. This is my second visit and i wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Cathie Randall

Eyelash Extensions

I’ve been to a few different eyelash studios. ETS Lash studio was good, then my girl, Janie left and it wasn’t ever the same, plus they’re EXPENSIVE! Amazing Lash, well, my mom always told me, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all…………………….I came across Beauty Techniques on this site (YELP), and decided to give it a shot. Loved it!! The first time for a new/full set of lashes takes time, so be prepared, but also be prepared to be very happy with the results. I love my lashes and my brow threading. She is meticulous and careful. Guess what? No itching, no burning, no excessive lash loss, and allergic reaction to the glue, like I got from the other places! Love it! I’ll be back Linda!

Marcie Aragon

Permanent Eyeliner

I am very happy with my permanent eyeliner. Linda is a professional, she is an artist and she knows how to make it look beautiful.

Ramona Pace

Best Eyelash Perm Ever!!!

I have been to so many places and they ALWAYS fried by lashes or kinked them!   Through a referral I found Linda and she is definitely the best, hands down!!!!  I am addicted and a life customer.  She always does great work on my lash curl and it always last more than the other places, PLUS, she doesnt fry them!  Thank you Linda, I love your work!!!

Cindy R.

Awesome Job

“I found out about Linda online & i am so glad i found her, ive had really thin & uneven eyebrows all my life. As soon as i saw the website i made my appointment the next week. Linda did a awesome job, my eyebrows now look natural & full im so happy! Thanx linda :-

Desiree D.

Great Customer Service!

Linda was great and understanding, My lashes were extremely curly and she warned me that they may not curl… She took special care and was very careful with the delicate eye area… The results were better that I hoped for. Can’t wait for my touch up.

Stacey K.

Patient & Maticulous

I had previously had my brows, eyes and lips done elsewhere. My brow were pink and both brows were different in shape, my eyeliner was very light and my lip line was crooked. I had hears about Linda through a friend who highly recommended her so I called to book an appt. Linda was able to fix the pink brow problem and my brows are even, my eyeliner looks fabulous and my lips didn’t even hurt this time. I was amazed


Very Professional & Effecient

I was a little nervous, having never had any permanent makeup done before, but Linda was professional and efficient and I am very pleased with the result. I would definitely go to her for any future work I may want done.Thanks,Linda! 🙂

Kariin D.

Very Nice

I just met Linda last night, after researching her business. I was very pleased at the experience. She charges $12 for Vitamin B-12 injections. As I am getting older I need them!! Today, I feel like a new person, and I’ll start coming to her reg. every 3 weeks for this service. She and I also spoke of her other services and I look forward to a consultation regarding permanent eyebrow tattooing. Thank you for making me feel like a model again!

Cherie H.

Linda is a True Artist!

I love my new eyebrows that are so natural. No more eyebrow pencil. I wish i had done this years ago. You can TRUST Linda to do a great job with any permanent makeup.

Pam L.

Great Service. Great Results.

Linda offers great service and professionalism. You will love her artistic ability to make you more beautiful. I saw Linda to touch up my eyeliner that was initially placed by someone else. Her work was better and less painful than the first experience. She explained that the first eyeliner faded because of the quality of the ink. Her liner has maintained its great look.


A Totally Satisfied Customer

I had previously sought the advice of two other eyebrows consultants and was left with little assurance that the process would be safe, sanitary and the results would be satisfactory. My consultation with Linda gave me the assurance I was looking for and that she would shape my eyebrows to enhance my facial features. The results were awesome! My permanent eyebrows compliment my facial features perfectly. She is a perfectionist. I would without a doubt refer my family and friends to Linda.


Couldnt be happier!

I had my brows and eyeliner done with permanent make up by Linda. I couldn’t be happier. She did and absolutely amazing job from the consultation to the appointment. She was incredibly thorough and detail oriented and explained everything. Great experience, I would recommend her to family, friends and even strangers! Why not!

Rachel Kimsey

I love it!

I have had permanent eyeliner and eyebrows done and I love it. Also, I had a lash perm and dye and it really opens my eyes. And Linda’s facials are excellent.

Eileen Singleton

Linda you are amazing!

Linda – you are amazing! Thank you so much! I am beyond thrilled with the results. You made my eyebrows look very natural and not over-done. You have saved me so much time in the mornings with makeup and well as giving me peace of mind being self- conscious about my eyebrows. Thank you so much for listening to my needs and delivering a great end product!


Professional services

I made a visit to Linda the first time in May 2013 for permanent eyeliner. I was so impressed with the professional services I received. I made another visit in September for a touch up. I’ve gotten so many compliments on the beauty of the work. Thank you Linda… You have a dedicated customer for life!



I am very happy with the work and will recommend Linda to anyone


Highly Recommended

I had my eyebrows done at Beauty Techniques a week ago, and I couldn’t be happier! It can be daunting to trust somebody to shape your eyebrows permanently, but Linda is so professional, compassionate and thorough with her consultation, that by the time implanting color began, I was relaxed enough that I nearly fell asleep a couple of times! LOL. My eyebrows were a little dark for the first week, and are just now starting to soften. I had almost no swelling or redness, just a light itching as they heal. As a matter of fact, I went back the work the next day, and nobody has asked about my brows, but they do keep saying I look really pretty. 🙂 Doesn’t get any better than that, right? I would HIGHLY recommend Linda and her studio to anybody considering permanent makeup application. I am planning to return to Linda in the future for an eyelash enhancement too!

Monica Maggs


I was pleased with the professionalism and how great my eyebrows turned out! Thank you!

Kathy Rogers

Very talented

I went in to have my permanent brow tattoo applied and they look great. Since I’ve never had this procedure done before I wasn’t sure what to expect. They were very dark the first few days and they are lightening up now. I can’t wait to see what they look like on day 5 since I was told they will lighten up by about 40%. At first they looked cartoonish since they were dark on the first day and it’s always dark at first until it lightens. I’m sure that I will go back and Linda seems very talented at it. Also, I appreciated the FREE Visitor parking and the Kirby location is awesome!!!!!


She’s Professional & Compassionate

Linda is the Best in this field. She’s Professional & Compassionate. I had my eyebrows and upper and lower eyelids tattooed and not a day goes by without someone commenting on my eyebrows. Oh! She gives great facials too! Thank you Linda, You are the Best!!!!


Excellent Work

I have been seeing Linda for the last 2 years; eye brow tinting, permanent makeup, eye lashes, you name it. She does excellent work. She has never failed my expectations.


I recommend her to anyone

I was a little apprehensive, having never had any permanent makeup done before, but Linda was professional, explained everything thoroughly and efficient I am very pleased with the results. I will definitely be back and would recommend her to anyone. Thanks again Linda! D.

Donna Lyttleton

Extremely pleased

I found Linda after getting permanent make-up for my eyelids at a local nail spa. She was able to fix the treatment that was performed at the nail salon. I have since gone to Linda for several different type of services and have been extremely pleased with her professionalism as well as the treatments. I would highly recommend Linda to anyone interested in any of the treatments she offers.


I love my “New” Eyebrows!

Eyebrows I found Linda on line and I am so glad to have chosen her. I will admit, I was nervous, but once meeting Linda I felt most comfortable. I love my “New” eyebrows and feel like a new person. Linda is very professional and explains the procedure. The results are awesome. I wish I would have done this years ago. Thank you Linda for the great Job!

Laurene F

Anti-Aging Treatment

Had my first facial with Linda yesterday. I am writing to comment on the Cell Youth Actif product that she applied and that I went home with as part of my facial package. I’m 61 years old and have what is called “marionette” lines. I’ve been contemplating fillers to refine those grooves. After my facial, the lines/grooves were much smoother – and I thought, okay, temporarily. But having applied the Cell Youth Actif last night and this morning, I’m absolutely amazed at how these lines have smoothed out. If this continues I won’t need fillers! Fantastic facial, Linda! I was so relaxed I wasn’t sure I could drive home afterwards. Ha!

Belinda L.

Eyelash Extensions

Linda is a perfectionist and it shows in the quality of work she does. Trust that she is at the top of her game and will do a wonderful job at whatever procedure you choose!

Robin Jacob

Linda is a Perfectionist

What I admire most about Linda and her work is that she is a perfectionist. I have only done the eyeliner once about 3 1/2 years ago and then a touchup recently. I don’t trust my eyes to anyone else.


Loved my Eyelash Perm

Absolutely LOVED my eyelash perm. Addicted after the first time, will certainly be back.


You will not be disappointed

I have been coming to Linda for her eyebrow threading and eyelash perm services. She consistently does an wonderful job and her attention-to-detail is something that you just cannot find anywhere else. My appointments have always run on time and her location is so convenient. I highly recommend her to anyone! You will not be disappointed! 🙂 Thank you Linda!


Eyelash Extensions – I love them!

Linda, Thank you so much for doing a great job on my lashes today. I’ve gotten so many compliments. I simply LOVE them! Thanks again, Jeanette

Jeanette Griffin

Wonderful BT Deluxe Facial

I had a wonderful BT Delux Facial yesterday. Linda did an amazing job discussing my personal needs, discussing exactly what she was going to do, and delivering great service! I would recommend that you go in and get one too.

Vanessa B

February 4, 2013

Linda offers great service and professionalism. i had my eye brows,eye liner and lips done.I felt like a new person,made me feel better inside and out side. Linda is awsone.I just want say thank you so much for all you do. Can’t wait for my touch up.

kathleen khadijah meeks

January 29, 2013

Linda has revived the life back into my eyebrows. I didn’t realize how badly they had been shaped by other spas until she corrected them and shaped them to my face correctly. She is a master of her trades! She’s honest and hard working.


January 14, 2013

Linda did a beautiful job on my top and bottom eyeliner. She was very personable and a great counselor for helping me understand the process and decide the best look for me. She communicated well throughout the entire process making sure I was comfortable. I would recommend her to anyone wanting permanent cosmetics.


January 4, 2013

I was a little nervous about getting my eyebrows done, but after meeting Linda, she put me right at ease and answered all my questions. I am VERY happy with the way my eyebrows turned out and like some of the other clients who posted their reviews, I wish I had this done years ago; but not just with anyone – Linda is a true professional and came highly recommended. I’m so glad I went to her salon and now recommend her to my friends.


January 12, 2013

This is the second time Linda has worked her magic on me. I came in looking pale and washed out and after a brow and lash tint with a lash perm my features look fantastic. Linda is caring, attentive and an absolute artist.


January 4, 2013

I went to Beauty Techniques today to get permanent blended lip liner and I am so glad I did! Linda did an amazing job and I love the way it looks. I was really nervous at first because I had lip liner done by another person several weeks ago and was not happy with the way it looked. Luckily the color faded and was very light and I was able to get it done again by Linda. She also redid my permanent eyeliner that was also done incorrectly by the same person that did the lip liner. She was able to cover-up the other persons mistake and it now looks so much better. From now on, I will only go to Linda for any permanent make-up that I have done and I will recommend her to all my friends. If you want to get any kind of permanent make-up done, get it done by Linda at Beauty Techniques and you will be glad you did!

Michelle Corral

December 6, 2012

Linda, I really enjoy meeting you again. My eyebrows look beautiful and I am so happy. Thank you Linda I will call to set up an appointment to do eyeliner Hope you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!


December 15, 2012

Linda is my go-to beauty expert! Not only do I trust her skills in permanent makeup and skin care, I trust enough to highly recommend her to those I love and care for. If in doubt, simply setup a consultation appointment (no cost to you) and decide for yourself.


December 15, 2012

 I love the way Linda does my Eyelash Perm, Eyebrow Tint and Threading! I have been to others and they messed up my lashes when they did my perm, I was very upset. It took me a year to work up the nerve to do it again, and I was very pleased. My brows look amazing and darker. Love it Love it Linda! Thank you!!!