Perhaps you have poor eyesight or unsteady hands, making it hard for you to apply your eyeliner or lipstick or any other types of cosmetics. Or perhaps you have a busy life, and you have no time or have a limited time in applying makeup.

Or perhaps you can’t find the right makeup for your skin, or you can’t find a makeup that can last longer. Or perhaps you have issues with regards to adding pigmentation on certain parts of your body.

If you are experiencing any of these, then you might consider having permanent makeup. However, you might be wondering if it is really safe or how does permanent makeup work. For instance, some people are wondering if permanent eyeliner can be removed once it has been applied.

When considering if it is worthy to have a permanent makeup, the main focus would be on the word “permanent.” Most probably, this could be the best or the worst procedure for you depending on some factors.

Read on to know the pros and cons of permanent pigmentation to help you understand if this procedure is best for you.

What is Permanent Makeup and How Does It Work?

Permanent makeup, also known as micropigmentation or cosmetic tattoo, is done by using a pen that consists of iron oxide, which is responsible for tattooing certain parts of the body to create the same look of a makeup.

The tattoo can imitate the look of a lipstick or an eyeliner. It could either thicken or darken your eyebrows. Permanent makeup can help in improving the look of an uneven hairline or cover up any scars.

Should You Get Permanent Makeup?

Micropigmentation or permanent ideal for people who have medical issues or physical limitations. Nevertheless, anyone can still get this procedure.

People who are suffering from arthritis, cataracts, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, or have undergone stroke might find this procedure more appealing.

Regardless of if they have some limitations which can prevent them from applying makeup, they can still look and feel good. It offers the best solution for those who have allergies with applying traditional makeup.

It is also an ideal cosmetic solution for people who are experiencing medical conditions to recover their skin for pigmentation after having breast surgery or even hair loss due to some sickness.

Are These Cosmetic Tattoos Permanent?

The most important thing that you should consider is that permanent makeup is not easy to remove. At the same time, there might be some risks that are involved.

Taking off the tattoo pigment can be very challenging depending on the color. Removing the ink can be a long, painful process, not to mention that it can also be very expensive. Unfortunately, there are times that the ink cannot be entirely removed.

On the other hand, despite the fact that you can’t entirely wash off your permanent makeup, eventually, it will fade overtime. This is because the skin cells will keep on changing. Hence, you might need a follow up treatment after having the procedure.

How Can You Find a Good Aesthetician?

Although this procedure is mostly done by a tattoo artist or an aesthetician, another option would be to look for physicians that can perform micropigmentation. You can easily do this by searching online.

Before choosing a practitioner, you might consider asking important questions such as how many years have they performed cosmetic tattooing or you could ask some pictures of their work as well as request for some credentials. Be sure to verify if they are using high quality ink and medical-grade sterilization.

Be sure to check what your skin type is and make an appointment for consultation before undergoing the procedure. Ask them if you could see their certification or credentials.

Verify if the office is clean and organized. Also, after making a visit, talking with the aesthetician, and observing the area, do you still feel comfortable in going forward with the procedure?

In order to be sure, you could request for a tour within the facilities, specifically in the area where the procedure will be done. Check if an anesthesia will be needed, typically a local one will be used.

What are the Common Risks of Permanent Makeup?

Since micropigmentation requires needles, there will always will some risks. This is quite common if the needles that are being used are not properly sterilized.

Sometimes there is a reaction between the body and the ink particles which can likely result in inflamed areas. For those who are prone to this, then most likely the procedure could result to keloid scars.

Also, there are some people who are allergic to a specific type of tattoo ink or color. If the body has a particular reaction, then it can be hard to treat. To prevent this, a test should be done behind the ear to check if there is a certain reaction.

Aside from this, there are also other potential complications including crusting, loss of eyelashes, ectropion, bleeding, swelling, as well as serious eyelid injury.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration reveals that the pigments can likely intrude the cranial MRI scans by influencing the quality of the results. Although, it is very rare, MRI scans can sometimes cause burning or swelling in the tattoo area.

How Much is the Cost for Micropigmentation?

The cost of permanent makeup varies depending on how complicated the work will be and how much is the amount requested by the practitioner. Most likely, it will not be covered by insurance since this is cosmetic.

However, before considering the cost, the first thing that you should focus on is to look for reputable facility and practitioner. Also, if you cannot find a good fit, then you could consider forgoing or delaying.

Younger People Should Think Carefully Before Deciding

While permanent makeup can be very appealing, it is important that you should think about it carefully, most especially if you are still younger. This is because the areas on the face, specifically, the lips, eyebrows, and eyes, could likely change as you age.

In addition, beauty trends can constantly change with time. These days, thick eyebrows and full lips have flooded the social media. However, this might not be the trend after five or 10 years.

It is advisable that you should start with a minimalistic approach to make you look more natural. Keep in mind that less is more. Also, it is hard to imitate the look of eyebrow hair using tattoo ink.

What Are the Follow-Up Treatments Involved?

You might require numerous treatments, so be sure to discuss this with your practitioner. Another procedure might be needed since the pigment could fade over time.

There are reasons why micropigmentation is permanent. But think about the face that you will put forward every day. That is why it is important that you are fully committed to the procedure before making any decision.

Pros and Cons of Permanent Makeup


Convenience – Obviously, one of the greatest benefits of permanent makeup is that there is no need for you to apply makeup every day.

Because of this, it is an excellent option for busy women, older women, women who have medical issues, athletes such as swimmers as well as those who are getting tired of spending most of their time in front of the mirror.

Does Not Wipe Off or Smudge – Have you ever experienced having raccoon eyes? Or perhaps have you unintentionally removed half of your eyebrow without even noticing it? By taking advantage of permanent makeup, you don’t have to worry about wiping, smearing, or smudging.

Saves Time – Take note that time is precious and every second counts, most especially if you are on a rush in getting to work in the morning!

Improves Confidence – If you are getting conscious about your look or about your areola re-pigmentation or breast scars, then you can change your whole outlook with permanent makeup.

Customized to Your Preferences – There is a wide variety of thickness, colors, and styles that you can choose from. Hence, you can always opt for the right look that you want.


It Is Permanent – If you prefer to change the look of your makeup every now and then, then permanent makeup is not ideal for you. Keep in mind that this tattoo will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Therefore, you should be absolutely sure that you are committed to it. Try to choose a classic style rather than a trendy one. You should carefully consider your decision, rather than a spur-of-the-moment action.

Most of all, the procedure must be done by an attentive professional to guarantee that you can get the look that you want.

The Procedure Can Be Painful – Since these are tattoos, there is no doubt that the procedure could hurt a bit. Anesthetics are used to give you comfort during and before the procedure.

It Can Be Costly – Obviously, the cost will depend on several factors. For instance, how big or small the area is, how much is the fee for the practitioner, and how complicated the procedure is.

But one thing is certain, permanent makeup is not as cheap as any traditional makeup. Nevertheless, if you add up all the cost of your cosmetics, you might discover that it is comparable in the long run.

There Are Safety Concerns – Just like any other tattoos, permanent tattoos can likely cause skin infections or allergic reactions.

But it is good to know that these risks are only very small. In order to avoid the risk of infection, be sure to check if the clinic uses sterilized equipment that is used for one time only.

Tattoos Can Fade – Like most tattoos, permanent makeup can likely fade over time. After some years, you might find yourself dealing with faded eyeliner which require repeat procedure to darken it again.

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